Push For Reciprocity

Reciprocity video https://www.facebook.com/WillesLeeNRA/videos/1366329176755568/

Too many people killed & threatened. Call your Congressman TODAY at 202-224-3121. Demand ACTION on National Right to Carry Reciprocity. Waited too long for our civil rights. https://www.facebook.com/WillesLeeNRA/videos/1366329176755568/ #reciprocity #Icarrymysafeplace #2A #CCW #M2AGA #MAGA #NRA #NRABoard  NRA Institute for Legislative Action Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors

DC Project

SHOUT OUT. Last weekend, our friends finished a week in DC to help protect my civil rights. The DC Project founded by Dianna Muller and supported by A Girl and A Gun Women’s Shooting League met to carry our message to legislators. “The DC Project is a nonpartisan initiative bringing 50 women, one from each state, to Washington DC to meet legislators & to reveal the faces and stories of 2A supporters.” (there’s more when you check their website and FB page)  It is volunteer work taking time from their business, school, family and life to educate gun folks and antigun weenies on Capitol Hill. Not just any women, these are talented carriers of our 2A and American values, representing every facet of our Second Amendment community. From their reports, they also had a great time with many DC area historic & contemporary activities. Thank you, ladies (and the men and families who support you). Borrowed their photo, their rally video is on their page. [I missed bc of a shoot in Hawaii (only a little faux pain).] #2A #gogirl #M2AGA @WillesLee

DC Project ladies. Bringing “we the people” to Capitol Hill

NRA Committees for 2017-2018

This month, we received our NRA committee assignments. In addition to Board of Directors duties, Board members and others* are invited to serve on NRA committees with a specific focus. There are 36 NRA committees, three special committees, and several finance committees. They range (no pun) from Competition Rules and Programs, to Gun Collectors, to Hunting and Wildlife Conservation, to Civil Rights Defense Fund.  For ’17-’18, my focus is on five.  I am privileged to continue work on the NRA Military and Veterans’ Affairs Committee chaired by LtCol Ollie North, and our NRA Outreach Committee with Sheriff David Clarke and LTC Allen West.  I am excited to join our NRA Grassroots Development and NRA Legislative Policy committees and NRA Federal Affairs Subcommittee.  Each Board and non-Board committee member assists as possible with Special Contribution Fund, Civil Rights Defense Fund, and NRA Foundation.  A Defender of Freedom for 26 years in the military, I am honored to continue to defend freedom at NRA. Facebook.com/WillesLeeNRA @WillesLee Instagram.com/WillesLee

*Individuals from across the nation are invited to serve on committees in their field of expertise.  As non-Board committee members, we have full voice and vote in committee.

Hawaii Shooting Sports Fair

In Hawaii for the Hawaii Rifle Association two-day SSF at Koko Head Crater range over Father’s Day weekend. HRA provides the firearms and ammo. Guests pass a safety brief, then purchase script, like at a carnival, and move station to station to fire guns.  Over 2,ooo attend this community event; entire families and LEO and military. Some come to shoot “cool” guns, some test fire before going to the store to purchase. As “NRA Director” guy, it helps to boost interest and attendance. Spoke to many, several first-time shooters received an NRA travel mug or hat.  Couple of state legislators with their families participated – in Hawaii, HRA must rely on pro-2A Democrats to help protect our civil rights. Last year, a 1900’s Enfield got my attention. This year, fired shotgun, AR 10 & FN FAL in .308, .38 Special S&W Model 66, Krinkov 7.62×39 and took a turn with the M2HB (movie version, lots of noise and no rounds downrange).  Over 150 different firearms. 300 volunteers conduct the event; every RSO and line officer is NRA certified. Great fun, most inexpensive activity on the island. Plan to attend next year for the beautiful weather while you shoot. #2A #M2AGA #NRA #HRA @WillesLee  More story and photos at FB WillesLeeNRA Will add link to published story when it happens.

Local radio hit on 98.5 “come, shoot”.

Armor officer of past, usually fired mounted M2. Still best MG, ever.
HRA President Harvey Gerwig, a rare break from the firing line

Early morning radio with Saturday Symposium w Gary and Dan

Joined blogtalk radio Saturday Symposium.  Gary Edwin Rumer & Dan Wilson for a lively weekend chat about guns, military history, Alexandria Virginia shooting & congressional reciprocity, NRA Carry Guard Expo.  I invited Gary and Dan to visit our Fairfax VA NRA Museums.  Last interview posted photos of me in office.  Not showing me at 7am Saturday, so this is my view during interview before heading to Hawaii Rifle Association Shooting Sports Fair. #2A #NRA #someonehastodoit #longday @WillesLee Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors www.WillesLee.com

I begin at about 59 min mark. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/contending4truthradio/2017/06/17/saturday-symposium-with-dan-and-gary

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Intimate dinner for 140

Gen Kelly

Lot of muckety mucks (‘cept for me) at an exquisite Northern Virginia dinner and the surprise (to me) keynote was General John Kelly, Homeland Defense Secretary. (Only six miles away, and eight hours later a deranged progressive liberal idiot would fire on congressmen in Alexandria.) #2A #M2AGA @WillesLee FB WillesLeeNRA #securemyhomeland #goarmybeatnavy

New Look Site

Can’t wait to test drive this new site.  Moved the NRA election info to a drop down (you should check out the bio and endorsements), so we could have our blog on the front page.  Header changed to reflect making the Board, rather than still running.  Incorporating posts from our Facebook page WillesLeeNRA.  Much appreciation to Eric Ryan for his time and talent.  Please let us know what you think of this more-functional concept rather than a static front page.  Couple more changes once this year’s NRA committee assignments are announced. #NRA #NRABoard #2A Twitter @WillesLee

Blog Talk American Sovereignty Radio

Last night Contending 4 Truth Radio w Scott Osborn Jennifer L Montrose Dan Wilson Gary Edwin Rumer talking guns & patriotism.  NRA election process & results, National Reciprocity, Hearing Protection Act. These guys are so much fun, stayed up past bedtime (final photo). #M2AGA Twitter @WillesLee  www.WillesLee.com  Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors http://www.blogtalkradio.com/…/american-sovereignty-radio-s…

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SCRWC Monthly Dinner

This was fun.  Invited to shared the conservative message with strong Sussex County Republican Women’s Club conservatives & Republicans.  SCRWC is Delaware’s largest National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) chapter and these folks (women, and men associate members) are committed to President Trump!  Appreciate opportunity to share conservatism, National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA), 2018 elections, NRA & guns & Second Amendment, Memorial Day & military service.  Love y’all working hard in a blue state.  Attendees included President Nixon’s niece and a former NRA Chief of Staff, so I had to be on my game. #MAGA More at Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors Twitter @WillesLee



Show & Tell: 120mm SABOT (yes, it is a discarded training round)
Sussex & Kent County Federation Chairmen









This article came out after our event http://www.capegazette.com/article/sussex-republican-women-host-second-amendment-advocate/134976#.WUSk5AG2-tA.facebook

Immediate past & current Presidents Keely & Watts