Chicago murder update

Crime in Chicagoland —


August 19. 444 murdered to date, doesn’t even include ten who died this year to wounds received previously, 1960 wounded.  16 murdered and 54 wounded just the past seven days. This Democrat Mayor allows a battalion worth of murders each year.  Immoral? No question.  Racist? You decide.  These pro-choice democrats make the choice to allow the killing to continue. Per capita, Baltimore with its Dem mayor is worse. #stopthecarnage #selfdefense #gunrights #2A #ownit #noexcuse #murder #ICarryMySafePlace @WillesLee Facebook WillesLeeNRA

Georgia Republican Assembly

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Early Saturday morning remarks to get folks fired up.

Also the President of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies. Our Georgia chapter state convention organizers invited me to speak at their annual meetings and elections. Enjoyed addressing Georgia Republican Assembly Convention 300 attendees, elected officials, supporters in Morehead. “We hold liberals – democrats and republicans – accountable.” “What WE do is politics. It is hard work. It is simple, but not easy. Identify your voters, get them to vote.” “We’re not losing America because we lose elections. We’re losing America because we’re losing our cultural values.” THIS JUST IN, MY REMARKS (Studio 25 Productions)

GRA President Alex Johnson

GRA leadership team is doing their job, well.  Flew down, large gathering for informal dinner, early Saturday for convention, lunch meeting, flew home. It was fun to see friends Kay Godwin and Pat Tippitt and to make new. Thank y’all for spending your Saturday with us. High-level speakers from state & national organizations, enough candidates to shake a stick at, some 40 PAC/candidate/vendor booths. Thank you, GRA, for this energizing event. Re-met friends, met new.  Quick trip, still tiring. On the way out of Atlanta met dear friends for lunch at the iconic Mary Mac’s Tea room.  Always fun in Georgia.  Go to NFRA and GRA Facebook for more photos and info.  More @WillesLee and #DTS #myflag #conservative #patriot #NFRA#GRA

National Convention was only a year ago

Hard to imagine a year ago, wrapping up 2 weeks of Republican National Convention.  America, and the world has changed.  Started with Pence a year before there were 17 & then Pence never got in. Went with Walker for the month of his campaign.  Helped organize and then led the Ted Cruz for President team from my state. We were glad to be in it to the end (competition, and all).  Cleveland and the people of Cleveland were great hosts. It was hot and humid as heck from the time we landed, until we left.  First of two weeks is the RNC meeting, and the committees.  With several NRA reps, our focus was on the Platform Committee to ensure the Republican Second Amendment plank remained strong and unequivocal, for Cruz I watched the Credentials Committee. For NFRA the Platform issues of life (during Platform, I usually sit next to our friend National Right to Life President Carol Tobias), guns and taxes were priority.  Security was heavy, very heavy from local and other jurisdiction uniformed and plain clothes police forces. Second week is convention. Protesters were terrible, as protesters go – unorganized, no coherent message, and almost all from out-of-town. Met with lots of our National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA) folks, had fun (concert, dinners, bars, Congressional Sportsman Foundation-NRA sponsored Sporting Clays Shoot), and other stuffs (did I mention there is a casino downtown virtually touching the convention hall?).  American Conservative Union (I’m on the Foundation board) hosted several events during the week.  All the time, many of us were doing interviews and providing comments to home state media at all hours because of the time differences. Can use only clear plastic bag to carry stuff in the arena, so I brought and used a Colt firearms bag.  Left Cleveland ready to win with Trump-Pence.  Some may have known, but 99% of us at adjournment didn’t yet realize that the only guy who could win, won. And, it took a lot of work.  More convention memories on my FB personal page, 2A memories at FB WillesLeeNRA. #MAGA #Gorsuch 

VCDL July meeting

Good VCDL – Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. meeting last night in Annandale. Whenever I’m here, it is on the calendar. Nice to have State Pres Philip Van Cleave up front. Reviewed process to contact congress to pass #reciprocity & #HPA. Then, used video training to discuss lessons learned from actual home invasion. Good turnout w 35-40 mostly local members (w 35-40 opinions). @WillesLee  #2A #NRA #M2AGA#VCDL #ICarryMySafePlace #selfdefense #gunrights #gunowners #safety  More at

All the way

From the middle of the Pacific, all the way to the Atlantic. Wouldn’t normally post this because it isn’t 2A, or political, or even important. It is a beautiful oddity of nature. On the beach; tried to line up the photos – see the rainbow, see the moon, see the rainbow. Watch the video, doh, but not here. Too fat to upload in blogland. Go to Twitter @WillesLee to see this incredible video. Leave here early tomorrow for meetings at NRA, these scenes are a nice memory. #nature’sbeauty

We do grassroots

GOP regional meeting, East Oahu, Hawaii

Three-hour Saturday morning, holiday weekend. East Honolulu GOP regional meeting because, even if most of your work is inside the beltway, grassroots is where everything happens.  Friend “Never been in a room with so many never-Trumpers”.  No worry – we brought conservatives with a strong pro-Trump presence to listen to them whine. State party establishment & incumbents are D-lite: you know, they think that if they act & vote like a D, then voters will like them more than their actual Ds.  It is sorting itself out, Rs hold 5/51 state house seats, and 0/25 senate seats, 0 US congress, 0 state offices.  Conservatives now established a voice to turn this place around – the last TWO R house leaders finally switched to D party.  #MAGA #turnbluetored #GOPfail #keeptweeting  Hawaii 2A relies on Ds. During the huge community shoot last weekend, only D legislators showed. No R legislator nor any member of state party leadership attended.  #M2AGA FB WillesLeeNRA @WillesLee

UPDATE: Hawaii Public Radio “Willes Lee is a former State Party Chair, currently national director for the Hawai’i Republican Assembly, the conservative arm of the Hawai’i GOP. “Until the party’s willing to reach out to all factions of the party and all the coalitions, we’re not going to be together.  I believe we need conservative solutions and conservative candidates.  The party obviously believes differently and they want to be more like Democrat Light.” “