NRA Carry Guard Expo, you missed a “good one”

Left Nashville, in a hurry to Milwaukee for the inaugural NRA Carry Guard Expo (Renamed from the Personal Protection Expo). NRA reports 14,000 attend. It was a great success, and I am happy for the NRA & Milwaukee.  Landed an immediately called BFF Amanda Suffecool (Eye on the Target Radio, and now, Concealed Carry Fashion Show guru) for dinner at Maders. I grew up in and then served eight years in Germany, our daughters were born there, love the food. We ran into favorite Jenn Jacques (from Bearing Arms, our conscience) and NRA’s Andy Lander out with the team of our (thankfully) major sponsor Crossbreed. Friday attended a couple seminars (How fast a draw is fast enough?, and Home defense.), lunch with great folks visiting CG, walked the exhibition floor. Way cool was the simulator to get schooled in a safe “threatening” environment. NRA Range had several ranges set up, Wall of Guns (still trying to find out why the Wall didn’t have actual firearms instead of just photos), Eddie Eagle, NRATV team with Cam Edwards. Brat and cheese curds and (something like) Cow beer that night.

Now getting blurry. Saturday was exhibit floor. Found a neat clip to hold back up magazines (yeah, thank you, I know the difference ‘tween a clip and a mag) in my pocket, and the husband + wife team are from down the road near Quantico. For our crowd, big names included Colion Noir, Mark Geist, Dana Loesch doing meet and greet book-signings. Protest and protestors were a bust, but these were not Antifa violent idiots. Met with NRA team, which ended when we couldn’t get the Mayweather-McGregor fight so I busted back to the hotel to watch. It was fun, room full of 2A rowdies enjoying being together off the exhibition hall floor. Note here: our NRA CG trainers are mostly former SEAL bubbas (mostly Seal Team 6, Dev Group). Those who aren’t are another flavor of US Special Ops. I’ve told others before that these are the most amazingly talented people anywhere, and you’d never know to look at or speak with them. These are good folks, doing good work.

So Sunday morning, said a prayer, and went over to go through the CG virtual reality station. Gets your attention when the instructor asks if you’re carrying and where – just so he can intervene if you go into reality mode during this virtual scenario! Geared up with head piece and earphones and plastic ‘firearm’, they put me in a convenience store when an armed robber comes in, grabs a women, puts us on our knees, asks for money. I’m waiting for him to leave the cover of the counter because I know today I can’t make the shot between the counter and the woman, the instructor is whispering in my ear “shoot him”, then it got darn near like “just friggin shoot him already”. I take the shot and, no kiddin, bad guy goes down. Here’s where the lesson begins. LEO bust in, I drop the ‘weapon’, get handcuffed, and hauled downtown. The police interrogation begins…. duh, I should have had Carry Guard insurance. Lesson over.

I tried a live Facebook from CG and the exhibit hall and floor but the stream was streaming so well, it was a fiasco. Lunch with good friend then……….. popped to the Harley-Davidson Museum. Very, very cool. Until leaving when I noticed the door sign “no firearms”. Wait. What? At Harley-Davidson? (What to do? I contacted Jan Morgan down at the Gun Cave in Arkansas, she’s reaching out to the H-D folks). Long week, including Nashville RNC in suit and tie, long weekend in Milwaukee never in suit and tie, I am way ready to get moving.

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With Amanda
Standing room only seminar


Can see Lake Michigan from through the dirty hotel window
CCW Fashion Show was big hit, and since got a LOT of earned media

Colion Noir is a great spokesman, and exudes energy
Just one day of seminar and activites
Mark Keefe, NRA American Rifleman magazine and much more
Love this guy, Mark Geist
Great friends
Protestors Saturday, all eight of them
The room before the Mayweather-McGregor fight
Carry Guard Virtual Reality
Harley-Davidson Museum. Note the two Thompson’s on the bike
Oh oh. No firearms. What’s up with that??

NRA HQ day

Earlier this week, spent the day at NRA HQ in Fairfax VA.  Overview from the department and division chiefs.  Building is full of folks working 24/7/365 for my rights.  NRA is massive.  Many see and hear of the ILA side – Institute for Legislative Action – and miss that GO – General Operations – oversees 180 programs. Then, there’s the Foundation, Legal actions, Advancement, and more. Next day, shot some video and photos in the NRA National Firearms Museum for a future project.  Had an hour on the NRA range, this day was .45 and .380 work.  Headed out of town before the ridiculously hot day for Moms Demand women’s march. covers Hawaii range weekend

Reaching out to the aloha state, There’s more a few entries prior to this and at

From the article “Saved for last is this comment on the weather : spectacular. You can enjoy the trade winds and shooting again next year on Father’s Day weekend. For those with shooting in all fifty states on your bucket list, visiting Hawaii in June and shooting as much as you want helps to make a great trip. The HRA super volunteers clean the firearms Sunday night while you’re back to sunning and sightseeing. More and”

Push For Reciprocity

Reciprocity video

Too many people killed & threatened. Call your Congressman TODAY at 202-224-3121. Demand ACTION on National Right to Carry Reciprocity. Waited too long for our civil rights. #reciprocity #Icarrymysafeplace #2A #CCW #M2AGA #MAGA #NRA #NRABoard  NRA Institute for Legislative Action Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors

DC Project

SHOUT OUT. Last weekend, our friends finished a week in DC to help protect my civil rights. The DC Project founded by Dianna Muller and supported by A Girl and A Gun Women’s Shooting League met to carry our message to legislators. “The DC Project is a nonpartisan initiative bringing 50 women, one from each state, to Washington DC to meet legislators & to reveal the faces and stories of 2A supporters.” (there’s more when you check their website and FB page)  It is volunteer work taking time from their business, school, family and life to educate gun folks and antigun weenies on Capitol Hill. Not just any women, these are talented carriers of our 2A and American values, representing every facet of our Second Amendment community. From their reports, they also had a great time with many DC area historic & contemporary activities. Thank you, ladies (and the men and families who support you). Borrowed their photo, their rally video is on their page. [I missed bc of a shoot in Hawaii (only a little faux pain).] #2A #gogirl #M2AGA @WillesLee

DC Project ladies. Bringing “we the people” to Capitol Hill

NRA Committees for 2017-2018

This month, we received our NRA committee assignments. In addition to Board of Directors duties, Board members and others* are invited to serve on NRA committees with a specific focus. There are 36 NRA committees, three special committees, and several finance committees. They range (no pun) from Competition Rules and Programs, to Gun Collectors, to Hunting and Wildlife Conservation, to Civil Rights Defense Fund.  For ’17-’18, my focus is on five.  I am privileged to continue work on the NRA Military and Veterans’ Affairs Committee chaired by LtCol Ollie North, and our NRA Outreach Committee with Sheriff David Clarke and LTC Allen West.  I am excited to join our NRA Grassroots Development and NRA Legislative Policy committees and NRA Federal Affairs Subcommittee.  Each Board and non-Board committee member assists as possible with Special Contribution Fund, Civil Rights Defense Fund, and NRA Foundation.  A Defender of Freedom for 26 years in the military, I am honored to continue to defend freedom at NRA. @WillesLee

*Individuals from across the nation are invited to serve on committees in their field of expertise.  As non-Board committee members, we have full voice and vote in committee.