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GOP regional meeting, East Oahu, Hawaii

Three-hour Saturday morning, holiday weekend. East Honolulu GOP regional meeting because, even if most of your work is inside the beltway, grassroots is where everything happens.  Friend “Never been in a room with so many never-Trumpers”.  No worry – we brought conservatives with a strong pro-Trump presence to listen to them whine. State party establishment & incumbents are D-lite: you know, they think that if they act & vote like a D, then voters will like them more than their actual Ds.  It is sorting itself out, Rs hold 5/51 state house seats, and 0/25 senate seats, 0 US congress, 0 state offices.  Conservatives now established a voice to turn this place around – the last TWO R house leaders finally switched to D party.  #MAGA #turnbluetored #GOPfail #keeptweeting  Hawaii 2A relies on Ds. During the huge community shoot last weekend, only D legislators showed. No R legislator nor any member of state party leadership attended.  #M2AGA FB WillesLeeNRA @WillesLee

UPDATE: Hawaii Public Radio http://hpr2.org/post/hawaii-gop-divided-eyes-2018 “Willes Lee is a former State Party Chair, currently national director for the Hawai’i Republican Assembly, the conservative arm of the Hawai’i GOP. “Until the party’s willing to reach out to all factions of the party and all the coalitions, we’re not going to be together.  I believe we need conservative solutions and conservative candidates.  The party obviously believes differently and they want to be more like Democrat Light.” “

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