This was a little weird, in a good way. My parents, you know from Facebook posts are 97 & 95, threw me a curveball. I am not often in town (northern Virginia) so usually my wife and siblings deal with more than my preparing an occasional meal (bad on me, but for now it is what it is).  On my way to join them for dinner, Mom calls to ask if I’d take them out for the evening. Mom got this idea that Pop just HAD to attend the community annual business meeting, they’d been attending since 1966. Notwithstanding, getting late 90-year-olds fed, dressed and out of the house, that’s not the weird part. The meeting was in MY elementary school. OK, weird, or odd, or just retrospectively different. I sat in the cafeteria for the first time since way before many of you reading were born. Decades, multiple decades. You may not know my age but could figure it out by my more-publicly-known West Point class i.e. old. Got this urge and went and found my classroom. Holy cow, even with renovations and updates, the same small walk-thru closet! Sneaking my way around the halls, glanced out a window and saw the field (now with a finished track??) I learned to love soccer and track & field. I was different then, in this school. We had come back from five years growing up in Europe on military bases. I transformed in Junior High and became ‘me’, for better and worse, in High School. But, this school, that cafeteria, classroom and field are strong memories.

Every lunch, walked through those doors.
Difficult to make out the playing field w glare from the hallway lighting.

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