Knew It Would Be Crazy

I don’t travel or go to as many meetings as many of my peers, and not nearly as much as some leaders.  But, I don’t care about their schedules. I care about mine. I knew the end of summer going into fall would be crazy. Not whining, just moving around a lot. I decided to base off the east coast rather than trying to do this back-and-forth from Hawaii. I’d lose way too much in travel time. Plus, the long-distance travel wears me down more than, well, when we were all younger.  Been to Georgia and back, a tiring (successful) over-nighter to speak at a great Georgia Republican Assembly Convention. To Nashville for a couple days prior to the formal RNC – Republican National Committee – meeting (I am a former state party chairman), and straight to Milwaukee for four days of the Inaugural NRA Carry Guard Expo. When I drafted this post, forgot to add in: also did five days to Springfield Missouri for the NRA Board meeting.  Back to Virginia, trip to Delaware which kept me from the NRA World’s at Peacemaker. Had a visit a little south for the Americans in Wartime Museum, next day was the NRA Car Show at NRA HQ in Fairfax VA. From Virginia about to launch to Dallas for the Gun  Rights Polity Conference GRPC. I missed last year with knee surgery and want to see my friends this year. I speak on a panel Saturday morning. But, all the other attendees and speakers are friends, or I want them to be friends, so I’ll be busy.  Between trips, quick stop in Virginia to switch suitcases, actually saves me a couple hundred dollars not in a hotel. But, only 48 hours to get from Dallas, to get home to Virginia, change suitcases – the next is already mostly prepacked – and fly to Phoenix. Phoenix is my event, or at least of the organization of which I am President. The National Federation of Republican Assemblies Convention. My team has it locked and cocked but still I have to learn about a lot of our guests and prepare some six or seven speeches. A day to get ready and meet local friends, a day of the American Conservative Union one-day Regional CPAC ( I am a member of the ACUF Board of Directors), our convention (Try doing this many introductions and speeches with interesting material!!), two NFRA board of director meetings including NFRA elections for national officers (I am running for reelection as President). Love to slow to see the sights but can’t wait to get home.  One week in Virginia with meetings then to Hawaii for a week of meetings and to check on the house. Each of those stops has at least a major event, if not several meetings or smaller events. Range  time, meeting with staff and volunteers, dinners, gun shows.  All the time waving the flag, recruiting, doing work, or networking for NRA and NFRA. In between is a flash of visiting elderly parents, trying to keep up with media and social media, making sure (in this case) everyone knew NFRA was actively supporting Roy Moore’s Senate runoff (win) in Alabama.  Youngest daughter once posed this question. “Dad, you do things so well. How come you can’t do retirement better?” Knew it’s be crazy for this couple of months.

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