Need For Speed

Our NRA Range hosted the 3rd Annual NRA Car Show at and around NRA Headquarters in Fairfax Virginia. Bigger than last year, plan was to have 300 cars on display. I dropped by HQ the day before to see if I could help, and to watch the panic before a major undertaking.  Wow. Absolute calm. Organized like a military operation. Briefings, brief-backs, the entire plan mapped out on the chalkboard. personnel assignments. Schedules. Nice. Met the family -Natalie, Nina (we’d met at a Friends dinner several months ago) and Dad.

Love this view of HQ.
Walking through, under the HQ wings, to the parking lot.
Personal favorite. In Hawaii, I have a beautiful 2001 XK-8. About the same color.

By the time I arrived Sunday, Mike Johns, master organizer and NRA Range Manager, had 412 show up! Great day. Great weather. Great outreach for NRA. Music was blaring, a mix of Country and Rock and Roll. Spectators kept flowing in, I ended up parking in the second level of the back parking lot. Taking a break from the heat, ran through the NRA Museum. They give free guided tours all day but I wasn’t there to stay, just to cool down. Cruised (no pun intended) the NRA Cafeteria, sat with friends having lunch. When I went back later for a burger, it was packed.  The success will drive (no pun intended) a 4th Annual, probably about this same time next year. A lot more photos , live video at FB WillesLeeNRA and personal page.

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