Avoid This, If Possible

Duh. I was in Fairfax Virginia on a Saturday afternoon. Had several firearms, usually do. Thought it’d be a great to get some range time at the NRA Range at NRA Headquarters. Always, I check in with Mike Johns, the superstar range manager. When I arrived, a little past 3:00 pm, a range officer suggested I go straight to a lane, several were open. Donning ear and eye protection, I gatherd paper targets, my bag and got shooting. Needed to work on a couple issues with my stance and sight picture, and seemingly inability to hit the center of a circle in a consistent manner. In 20 minutes I noticed there was more activity. The place was packed. Looking through the large windows into the lobby, could see a line forming with people sitting around waiting to get a lane. Blew off the magazine already loaded, packed up, and opened the lane to let another shooter have Saturday afternoon fun.

Sometimes, can’t avoid shooting with the crowd. Work, family, travel, chores leave only a weekend to hit the range. If we can, might be best to aim for less crowded times. PS. Still was fun #pewpew 

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