NFRA Convention

This was a biggie. My own convention to host. National Federation of Republican Assemblies, NFRA.

Freedom Caucus Trent Franks, Paul Gosar, Andy Biggs

Dick Morris for lunch.


Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the house.
Protesting white oppression. Silent when they saw my face.

Corey Lewandowski for dinner.

That’s not to say I did the work of making it happen, absolutely did not. Mostly stayed out of the way of convention chairman Lori Urban and our great team and they did produce! This one kept getting better. First panel was three Freedom Caucus members – Franks, Gosar, Biggs! Judicial Watch, American Majorities, Joe Arpaio, Richard Mack, Jeanne Finicum (husband killed by FBI over property rights).  NRA sponsored a lunch with Dick Morris. Even had a touch, just a bit of, in 98 degree weather, protest. ACU Foundation sponsored the reception with

Sheriff Richard Mack

AZ Treasurer Jeff DeWitt. GA Alex Johnson was awarded NFRA Activist of the Year. Corey Lewandowski did keynote speaker for our banquet. Were there glitches? You bet. Our crew handled every one, and the public never knew there was even a slight hiccup. Same weekend, we hold two NFRA board meetings. Friday generally closes out old business, and prepares us for Sunday.  Sunday is election of national officers, by laws review, adopting resolutions. Unfortuantely typical board meeting complications, all my fault. We got through business, cut out to catch our flights. A full and fun weekend with like-minded, hard right-wing conservatives. Check The Washington Times October 12 Ralph Hallow article for his mention of conservatives and our event. National Federation of Republican Assemblies meets every other year in convention. I was pleased to be reelected to President of this growing movement, with TN Sharon Ford Executive VP, AZ Lori Urban Secretary, AZ Wes Harris Treasurer. Appointed TX Steve Thrasher General Counsel, AZ Alex Melusky Sergeant-at-Arms, Mark Spencer Chaplain.  Great set of national Regional VPs for this term. Lots to do for 2017, ’18 and next convention is the Presidential Endorsing Convention in 2019. We’ll soon select the site.


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