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Thank you for checking this website.  This site isn’t JUST about firearms and the National Rifle Association of America (NRA). It is about firearms, the NRA, and me.  It contains the information you need to know for the National Rifle Association of America (NRA) elections.

The NRA is the biggest, strongest, defender of our Second Amendment civil rights. NRA members’ most important election is for the NRA Board of Directors. The Directors determine the NRA programs and direction. There is no more critical period for gun civil rights than a President’s first term with potential for multiple selections to the Supreme Court.

willes-at-firing-range-croppedOur voters are NRA Life Members and members with five or more consecutive years of membership. Ballots arrive the last week of January in your February 2017 monthly periodical, or in the mail (only Hawaii).

Moving onto the Board in January 2017 due to a Board vacancy, you helped get me elected in April 2017 as the only non-nominated Board member.  I am appointed to the NRA Military and Veterans Affairs Committee led by Ollie North, and the Outreach Committee with Sheriff David Clarke and LTC Allen West, the Grassroots Development Committee, Legislative Affairs Committee, and the Federal Affairs sub-committee.

willes-lee-wayne-lapierre-croppedWhen asked “occupation” during my military career, I proudly provided “Defender of Freedom” (please see my biography here). I am privileged to continue to defend freedom with the NRA, Freedom’s Safest Place. My goal is to elect pro-Second Amendment officials and legislators at every level of government, aggressively secure our Second Amendment civil rights, and continue the valuable tradition of the NRA. 2A supporters spend too much time on the defensive. Political action and NRA-ILA stands between the gun haters and your self-defense, love of hunting and shooting sports, firearms collecting and gun ownership. Each Board member also assists the NRA Foundation, NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund, and the Special Contribution Fund.

An NRA Benefactor and Ring of Freedom Member, I am the first person from Hawaii appointed to an NRA committee, the first to receive the NRA Nominating Committee’s nomination, and the first to successfully gain ballot access through petition, and the first to be elected to the NRA Board of Directors.

Our Board is strong. We are thankfully well-represented by hunters, sports and competitive shooters, celebrities, manufacturers, collectors and several lawyers and politicians. The need to secure our rights is political. This is my focus, having led or been a member of campaigns in several states, at all levels of government.

Please check our blog, with the joining Facebook and Twitter feeds.  Send me your questions, follow at Facebook.com/WillesLeeNRA. for the latest on the gun world and NRA.

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