Huge corporate fail: NRA (+) Membership

In an act of corporate terrorism, perhaps extortion, antis pressured several major corporations to cut ties (mostly offering of discounts) with NRA/NRA members. United & Delta Airline, Enterprise mostly auto rental Dick’s Sporting Goods and such. Fail. Turns out, 95% of members didn’t know about the corporate partnerships and discounts, and 99.9 don’t care. Much the same effect that Obama and the potential of Clinton had on firearms sales. What gun owners did know was that the 2A was being attacked.

NRA membership in the month following Parkland shooting i.e. when corporations cut ties, soared by 3-500,000 to somewhere over 5.5 million. SAF reported 1200% (yeah, percentage is always a cover for actual numbers, but still, 1200 is a lot) increase in 18-20 year-olds as antis and lawmakers suggested raising the age of buying a firearm.  We’re not done. This isn’t about the NRA – National Rifle Association of America. Liberals & antis faux-outrage isn’t about guns, it is about control. It isn’t about #snowflake companies turning on #gunowners. It isn’t about NRA-ILA. This is our call for #SecondAmendment & #gunrightsGun Owners of AmericaNational Shooting Sports Foundation | NSSFSecond Amendment Foundation Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) #2A friends to support the organizations & groups protecting YOUR rights. Whichever you support nationally, I support each, & locally, right now your help & membership is critical. #noexcuse #patriot #reciprocity #TweetYourNRAmembership #NRA @WillesLee #USA #merica #NRABoard @WillesLee #nocompromise #firearms #freedom #ShallNotBeInfringed #DefenderofFreedom #guns #FreedomsSafestPlace #M2AGA Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors

From SAF.   An increase of 1200% of youth to add to the new 21+ year-old members to Second Amendment Foundation. Join, including NRA – National Rifle Association of America National Shooting Sports Foundation | NSSF Gun Owners of America & your state affiliate. This is how YOU push back antis who want to ban all firearms. It’s not about guns, it’s about control. #ShallNotBeInfringed H/t to Awr Hawkins & #SecondAmendmentFoundation for reporting this.

Securing Schools

During three years in the 80’s in Europe I was the guy responsible for anti-(generally defensive, counter-measures) and counter-(offensive, or direct action) terrorism for the Army in Europe. We lost several soldier in the Berlin Disco bombing, then none for the three years… though Pan Am 63 (no USAREUR folks) was blown out of the sky over Lockerbie. This was the beginning of our fight back against terrorists. In the late 90’s I had the anti-terrorism job now at the Pentagon on the Joint Chief of Staff i.e. for all Armed Forces. Not an expert, but know a little about this stuff. Go back and watch my comments at CPAC. Security, or perceived security is what the US security apparatus is based on.

What he says.  BFF Ned Ryun explains how to protect our children AND the #Constitution. Security, even perceived security, is a safeguard. Antis punish law-abiding because to them this isn’t about solving the problem, it is about control. Next shooting (just like this one Gov Rick Scott & Broward Sheriff’s Office) is on you, you weak-kneed politicians & law-enforcement who want to take my rights rather than stop murderers. #commonsense #bloodonyourhands #WillesLee #protectourchildren #M2AGA #nocompromise #gunowners #lovevets #CCW #selfdefense #freedom #merica #firearms #guns #shallnotbeinfringed #noexcuse Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors

They won’t let this student speak because the system and law enforcement worked.

Politicians are not sincere in protecting schools.  Why I don’t trust politicians, any politicians – Not a question, a statement. Supposed #2A politicians passed anti-civil rights legislation in Florida to cover for their failure to secure schools. They passed “solutions” which take our rights, AND don’t make our children safer. Now, NRA – National Rifle Association of America has to take our supposed-own supporters… Florida legislators, Gov Rick Scott AG Pam Bondi … to court to protect our rights. I support & defend the constitution, these politicians just want to get elected. #NRABoard #DefenderofFreedom #NRA #DTS #gunrights #gunowners #freedom #USA #SecondAmendment #transparency #itsnotaboutgunsitsaboutcontrol NRA-ILA.

Thank you. Gunsite Academy again on the leading edge offering the best training free (to you). H/t Ken Campbell Gunsite Alumni Group #secureourschools #armteachers #CCW@WillesLee #2A #ICarryMySafePlace #lovevets #protectourchildren #selfdefense #GoodGuyWithAGun Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors

I’m done with the disingenuous march/protest.  My tweet “You had to get permission from your mom to skip school, and you think you’re ready to make public policy? You’re being used. #toobad

Do not confuse my skiing with vacation

Not bad to follow a wickedly-paced couple of months to begin 2018 with a week of skiing. Unless, it’s work. Immediately following CPAC, sandwiched between commitments, hit the slopes at Vail. I’m just learning, Black Diamond, not Black Double Diamond yet. With an instructor, helps to get through lift lines, we cover miles each day, pushing the envelope. Second day was a warm up on Riva and The Slot (if you know, you know) – whether you think so, your instructor thinks you’re ready. Ski, eat, sleep, repeat for seven days. With my back and right leg in disarray since before the trip to GAOS in Harrisburg, it was surprising that I could ski more comfortably than walk. I had difficulty getting to the slope, to meals, to break areas, but not so slicing through the snow. One day of sorta wet powder, which slows you a lot, and one day of beautiful 6-8 inches of light fluffy powder that you see in magazines. Powder, especially, is why you learn to ski more parallel than snowplow, or the new term ‘pizza’. Very few, very few, moguls this year because the beating on the back and groin muscle made it way painful. Early March means fair temps, most days on the mountain were 25-30 degrees. One was a very windy cold 20 degrees. The day it hit 40 down below, we came in for the afternoon to slush … which was ice the next morning.  Early March also means ACC Men’s Basketball tournament, fitting it into our schedule, getting ready for March Madness.  Expensive outing and the  only “vacation” we take.  Sweetheart goes all day long, no breaks, no lunch, hardly any Blue runs. Ski, eat, sleep, repeat. With my back as it was, I made all but one day, and then only half days. She just kept going (she is the expert in the family). That’s an Ermine in the photo, cute tiny rodent things, but fast. Not that work stops, because of phones and computers, and now it is back to work.

Second Amendment Panel CPAC

First time, finally, invited on stage for CPAC. Also, first time for NFRA to be on the CPAC stage.

#CPAC Sighting. Right panel, right timing, right place. #CPAC2018 #2A Panel -10 Years After Heller.  With Carrie Lightfoot Graham Hill – Member of NRA Board of Directors Niger Innis. ‘Heller is good but not everything.’ ‘More women defending themselves.’ ‘Secure our schools.’ Fun panel. #M2AGA #NRA #NRABoard The Well Armed Woman, LLC #DefenderofFreedom Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA) Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors Thanks to C-SPAN coverage

Parkland Murder

Devastated. Discouraged. 17 lives, for nothing. The controversy of the FBI fail, Isreal fail, the armed deputy fail (and CNN knew this before their so-called town hall), the response fail, now the word that Broward schools have been hiding “bad” children for several years to make their disciplinary stats appear better.

Then, lefists make it political. Then, those antis throw teenagers seeking 15 minutes in front of the cameras. Then, liberals attack corporations to cut ties with NRA. The PR disaster caused by Broward’s Israel, Gov Scott’s knee-jerk gun control. On another hand, all the hate and focus on NRA, you seldom very seldom almost never, hear any other 2A group mentioned, bumped membership 500,000 just for NRA, much less other less know or effective organizations. Actually, while trying to “kill the NRA” antis mean to target all 2A folks, that’s another of their mistakes in their political effort.

Throwing children out there, the same ones they say are not responsible enough to purchase a firearm, for us to follow (?) is oxymoranic at least.

Gun Free Zones don’t work, duh. See my #CPAC2018 #2A panel comments. David Codrea in Ammoland Shooting Sports News gives real-life example of what happens when Governors, politicians, & agencies are not held accountable for failing to secure schools. NRA – National Rifle Association of America offers #SchoolShield for years & yet antis & Dems refuse to take #responsibility for their failure bc they don’t care about children. It is not about guns, it is about control. We’ve had armed teachers in schools for years. #armteachers #secureschools #protectchildren #M2AGA #selfdefense #gunrights #discipline #commonsense #merica #freedom #accountability

Breitbart Awr Hawkins gives the good & bad. Snowflake FL Gov Rick Scott & AG Pam Bondi cowered when confronted by antis, so they punish law-abiding #2A citizens to cover for their failure to secure Parkland years ago. What Scott signed still includes raising age to 21, 3-day wait, & not one action to fix the Broward County sheriff. A pox on the Republican legislators who voted in favor, while hoping Scott & Bondi run for another office so they can be defeated by folks who believe in the #Constitution. Disgusted, but not surprised, that more Republicans are not disavowing their actions. #youfailedtosecureParkland #punishingthegood #weakkneed #loser #DTS #WillesLee @WillesLee #merica #nocompromise #SecondAmendment #freedom #M2AGA Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors

Not done with this. You heard from sources about the changes made in Florida and Broward County YEARS ago to make stats look good by not reporting “bad” children to authorities, or by moving them from school to school. This is some documentation h/t to BFF Susanne Pesterfield. Yes, I’ll stir this pot bc of the crap #gunowners & NRA – National Rifle Association of America specifically is taking from antis, Dems, liberals, corporations, little children, & less qualified Hollywood & athletic types. This is on y’all who failed to do the right thing with bad students, who failed to secure our schools years ago, who lie & try to shift blame. #WeKnow, we know. Gov Rick Scott Pam Bondi Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel & all executives, school boards, legislators who did the ostrich thing since Columbine. THEY’D BE ALIVE IF NOT FOR YOU. Don’t blame me. Don’t punish law-abiding for your failures, for your responsibility for these continuing murders. This is on YOU. #fail #ownit #Demlies #antislie #bloodyhands #manipulatedchildren  Disgusting CNN #fakenews & fake townhall. #2A #getwoke #ShallNotBeInfringed #secureourschools #merica #safety #firearms #USA #AR15 #guns #GoodGuyWithAGun #nocompromise #StopTheCarnage

Every friend we have supports & appreciates LEO for #everyday being on the front lines. We also expect #accountability for failure to lead at federal & local levels. Broward Sheriff’s Office Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel is the face of several LEO leadership incompetence, deceit, leaks, & lies. #thosechildrendeservebetter H/t BFF Edward Gutteling#ownit #DumpIsrael #bloodyhands #selfevident #responsibility #transparency #noexcuse  #MAGA


#CPAC Sighting. YOU MUST WATCH THIS.   Most fun, & great honor to help surprise Mark Geist w Defender of Constitution award at CPAC 2018. Were a crier, I would have. Love this guy & Krystal Geist Shadow Warriors Project. This is #merica. (&, a really cool award.) #NFRA President. #WillesLee #DefenderofFreedom American Conservative Union www.WillesLee #13hours @WillesLee #lovevets #MAGA #myflag #ownit#winning #patriot #USA #freedom Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors

This is the Breitbart write up of Mark Geist award. Proud to participate w great #patriot#NRABoard #CPAC2018 #Constitution #SemperFi

Subtle, but my back is killing me. Wouldn’t walk out w a cane. If you know me, you can tell my posture in the photos is strained, stiff. The things we do.

My job was to make “Mark, the person”, and Millie Hallow explained and presented the award… an original Founding Father’s document, ship transfer papers signed  by John Adams and James Monroe. Wow.