Tweet:  finally here. Get here early for the magnetometers. Hot start w , , , Pence. Full schedule at .

Heck of CPAC this year. Disclaimer: I am on the Board of the American Conservative Union Fundation, hosts of CPAC. I sensed numbers where down, but don’t have verification. First time on stage, and twice. First time NFRA represented in The Hub. Hanging out with Carrie Lightfoot of The Well Armed Woman, saw Cruz, all the ACU/ACUF Board including Charlie Gerow, Alan Gottlieb. Panel w Carrie and Niger Innis, Graham Hill. Presented Defender of the Constitution Award w Millie Hallow to Mark Geist. Dinner first night w The Washington Times CEO Larry Beasley, former NRA President Jim Porter, and Sheriff David Clark walks by table… this is CPAC. Weather was considerably warmer than normal years but got ugly towards the weekend. Sweetheart joined me this year and good thing because of this whole muscle.nerve thing I had going on. Couldn’t walk upright, walked with a cane, couldn’t walk more than 50 feet at a time. Met Chris Loesch. Didn’t see a lot of friends but saw their posts. Sharon Ford ran the NFRA booth down stairs to good success, and fun. Ran into David Spady, Tom Fitton, Paul Teller, Katie Pavlich, Dick Miller, Emily Miller, Congressman Devin Nunes, friend former Hawaii guy Jeff Lohr, Mercy Schlapp, Ralph Hallow.

James Monfort post: Where can you network with thousands, listen to the top experts in American Values/Principles/Philosophy, and share ideas? Once a year The American Conservative Union holds such a conference! If you cannot attend, do take time and listen live! Vice President Pence will be speaking today, and President Donald J. Trump tomorrow! The Washington TimesWashington Examiner,Fox NewsHeritage Action for America,Americans for ProsperityLeadership InstituteAmerica First Policies,Americans for Constitutional Law and Rights, NRA Institute for Legislative Action, NRA – National Rifle Association of America 🙏🇺🇸

Tweet: Appreciate going live w national radio Chad Benson Show at 7:35p eastern to talk #2A. Chad wanted to talk about Parkland shooting, the NRA response, and what America should do.

At this same time, many businesses folded under pressure and began to boycott NRA.

We didn’t know that Judge Jeanne Pirro was going to talk all #2A, but I enjoyed it from my NRA hat. Same night, ACU Coms director made a comment about MSNBC commentator Michael Steele which Steele used to cry ‘racism’. That was a mess for a week.

#CPAC Sighting. Haters and anti-NRA gonna be disappointed at record number of membership at #CPAC2018 NRA – National Rifle Association of America booth at The Hub. #NRA

#2A panel  #CPAC Sighting. Right panel, right timing, right place. #CPAC2018 #2APanel -10 Years After Heller. With Carrie Lightfoot Graham Hill – Member of NRA Board of Directors Niger Innis. ‘Heller is good but not everything.’ ‘More women defending themselves.’ ‘Secure our schools.’ Fun panel. #M2AGA#NRA #NRABoard #WillesLee #freedom #guns @WillesLee The Well Armed Woman, LLC #keepshooting#FreedomsSafestPlace #CCW #merica #firearms #commonsense#nocompromise #ICarryMySafePlace #ShallNotBeInfringed #gunrights#gunowners #selfdefense #lovevets #DefenderofFreedom #NFRA National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA) Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors Thanks to C-SPAN coverage

Award to Geist. A ton of fun, thought he’d cry.

Bama Carry Freedom Conference

Come to BamaCarry‘s 4th Annual Freedom Conference to meet the folks you’ve been hoping to meet. I am, with many friends attending & a great lineup of speakers, including me. Don’t need to be from AL, just need to be #2A. Don’t get here often so, please, let’s get introduced. Have four states to visit before getting to Sweet Home on Feb 10 so I’m prepping remarks now. What’d y’all want me to talk about? #merica #nocompromise #commonsense #selfdefense #noexcuse #ICarryMySafePlace #keepshooting#SecondAmendment @WillesLee #DefenderofFreedom #firearms #gunowners #freedom #gunrights #patriot#myflag #freedom #reciprocity #guns #CCW #lovevets Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors Eddie Fulmer

@americanairlines , you WERE doing fine. Out of DCA, probably easiest airlines to travel with firearms. Still, placed a ‘steal me’ tag on my checked luggage. The delay in Charlott was miserable. When sammwich cart comes out … say again how long is this delay? #whywehatetofly #amateurs#crewresttheysay #makeflyinggreatsgain #coulddrivefaster #AmericanAirlines #sucks

Hey. Which of you friends suggested I fly American?? @americanairlines repeatedly delayed this flight to Birmingham AL 7 times over 7 hours, always citing crew complications. Just now #AA tweets there were wx issues. Huh? Get your lies straight. Fortunately, crowd was a fun group. Suppose to land at 1pm, note the photo is NOT 1pm. Missed lunch w friends Paul & @joanreynolds. Dinner w my @BamaCarry friends. We haven’t taken off yet, might missed more. #AmericanAirlines sucked today. Hope they are better tomorrow. #dts

Today, Jasper AL. Outreach, Grassroots Dev, team work. BamaCarry.organnual conference. Just spoke, headed back to airport. Great people, great energy. Many friends, lots of new friends. Back held up, mostly, but it friggin hurts. Love being in Alabama, back to the beltway for CPAC 2018#CCW #2A #nocompromise 

This was good fun, great #merica. Y’all treat folks right. This is 2A-loving country. Wrapping a four state, five event, ten day trip (w a screaming back) & this made the work worth it. Wanna get these posted show our fun #SecondAmemdment friends. I’ll caption soon, gotta clean #CCW. Less than 24 hours in the ground thanks to a sucky American Airlines trip. Torrential, needed rain. Many friends, new friends, & FB friends. Need y’all to follow my NRA page, personal page is so much you don’t care about. Other speakers were great, must-hear sortof talks. Felt flat w aching back but folks were kind as Eddie Fulmer allowed me to borrow his stage for a couple min. Gonna share some real-photog pics later after some more sleep. Lots this week before our CPAC 2018 the next. #NRA #NRABoard#WillesLee #reciprocity #lovevets #gunrights #gunowners #freedom #firearms #ShallNotBeInfringed Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors

Midnight landing, Saturday. Ten days, four states, five major events (several multi-Day)….. no flu but back and leg were a burning. A blessing. Good #2A & #conservative work (‘cept embarrassing R cave on the budget). Thank you to friends who helped get me around, especially after back blew up. #RNCmeeting #GAOS2018 #2A AAPI Conservative Leadership Caucus #NFRA #itsonlyworkifyoudoit #needsleep #onlyoneworkdaylefttilmonday #PTforback #outreach @WillesLee #nocompromise  #reciprocity #M2AGA #DefenderofFreedom National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA) #lovevets 

GAOS, Harrisburg

Great American Outdoor Show. this was tough but not for reasons you’d think. Hosed some nerves in the back and leg so it was painful, as in very painful to stand and to walk. Then, a snow storm was approaching. Still, drove up, stopping, always, on the Gettysburg battlefield in the snow.

End those winter blues, join us in Harrisburg. Gotta admit, this is a highlight of my Great American Outdoor Show. My schedule keeps scrunching down but I will NOT miss DockDogs® at NRA Great American Outdoor Show (WK 1). PM if you’re going, let’s link. NRA – National Rifle Association of America has re-made #GAOS into #1 outdoor show in the world. #NRA #NRABoard#2A #guns #merica #freedom @WillesLee #USA #FreedomsSafestPlace 

PSA for all real people. Do NOT NOT NOT miss the world’s biggest outdoor show. This is family stuff. Firearms, boats, trucks, excursions, archery & NRA Headquarters Range, & dockdogs on my schedule. 9 days, 175k+ visitors, 200+ seminars, 1100 exhibitors, NRATVNRA Foundation Friends of NRA banquet, NRA Country concert, 650k sf of exhibits, NRA’s Eddie Eagle Program birthday, celebrities, rock climbing, more, more, more. I’m there Tuesday & Wednesday, say hi. #WillesLee #guns #firearms#ShallNotBeInfringed #lovevets #hunting #fishing #GAOS2018

Uh huh. Last night was big party in DC w dear friends & family. Today is #GAOS2018 world’s largest outdoor show right here in beautiful Harrisburg PA. #MAGA @WillesLee #boats #trucks #excursions #CarryGuard@nratv @NRA #Americans

Weather better last year, but more vendors, exhibits, seminars this. Great fun, today was dockdogs, check my FB Live, ’bout 5 min, at Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors. Gonna snow soon, I need to be able to get back for a flight Friday to Alabama. #WillesLee @WillesLee #M2AGA

#GAOS2018. Great American Outdoor Show, Harrisburg, PA. 9 days, 1000 vendors, 200 seminars, 175k visitors & dockdogs. C’mon, how is this not fun? No dogs, toys, nor trainers we’re injured in the making of these vids. Pro-am, you can bring your dog to compete. Check the FB Live from yesterday’s warm up rounds at Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors. Spend my time w newest Outdoor gear, thanking our many vendors & NRA – National Rifle Association of America members from across the nation. I’m liking the guns & gear, boats, trucks. Hit the NRA Headquarters RangeNRA’s Eddie Eagle Programbirthday, NRATV booth, NRA Carry Guard. Still time for The NRA FoundationFriends of NRA Banquet, & NRA Country concert. NRA Museums has great display at NRA booth in the Shooting Sports Hall. #outsidethebeltway #USA #FreedomsSafestPlace @WillesLee #dockdogs #outdoors #excursions

Did a FB Live from the Dock Dogs show. From #GAOS2018. #dockdogs #USA #outdoors dockdogs Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors Just posted more vid at personal page and Instagram @WillesLee

#GAOS2018. You need to do this, thru the weekend & again next year. 200 seminars, 1000 vendors, #hunting#fishing, boats, trucks, & yes firearms, accessories, & gear. Friends banquet tonight, NRA Country concert Saturday. This was fun, lots of friends & new friends. Fly to AL tomorrow. #NRA #NRABoard NRA – National Rifle Association of America #WillesLee #shallnotbeinfringed @WillesLee #firearms #2A #freedom #guns #noexcuse Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors


RNC Winter 2018 Meeting

Where in the world is …. few days w Republican leaders individually representing their respective states & collectively representing GOP. RNC Winter Meeting in DC, January 2018. There are 168 members of the RNC, three from each state and territory.  They meet as a whole four times a year.  NRA has a team at each meeting to facilitate communications, and to keep squishys on track. This meeting included several #2A meetings & one presentation to bolster #shallnotbeinfringed.

Also, initiated work with RNC Strategic Initiatives to assist with and speak at state rallies in advance of the 2018 mid-term elections.

Days are full.  Fast day at Republican National Committee meeting in DC w meeting, lunch to discuss a major project partnership, meeting folks & presenting #2A at AAPI Conservative Leadership Caucus, big dinner. Start was with two powerful women at Conservative Steering Cmte breakfast as BFFs Marjorie Dannenfelser of Susan B. Anthony List interviews Kellyanne Conway, Counselor To The President. Wow. #MAGA #USA #myflag

President’s State of the Union (SOTU) address was the night before the RNC meeting began.  Conservative Steering Cmte (& guests) rented a room and TVs for a watch event at Republican National Committee winter meeting, Washington DC. This particular cmte is a conservative & pro-Trump group (Hint: not all #RNC members are invited to CSC). #MAGA #conservativesolutions #conservative

I was recently brought on as a member of this leadership team. Asian-American Pacific Islander group. Getting ready to present #2A at AAPI Conservative Leadership CaucusAAPI Conservative Leadership Caucus during Republican National Committee Winter meeting in DC, next to conservative leader BFF Steve Scheffler Iowa National Committeeman. This week is suits & ties, not next week at Great American Outdoor Show. Full presentation is below. My task was to show this group that there is room to grow Asian American Pacific Islander voters. Helping to find & reach more & different #SecondAmendment supporters. #NRA #WillesLee #NRABoard#DefenderofFreedom #M2AGA #freedom Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors


Aim Your Vote in the 2018 NRA Board Elections

Great candidates this year. Ballots hit beginning this week. If you’re not an eligible NRA voter, you should be. READ THIS BEFORE YOU OPEN YOUR BALLOT (I’m not up this year, so it isn’t about me). Some hard feeling out here, thanks Ammoland Shooting Sports News for publishing pro- & con- stuff so we can decide. NRA is the ONLY major #2A Board for which you get to vote – don’t pass on this opportunity, & get friends & Groups to also vote. #NRA #NRABoard #transparency #freedom#lovevets #FreedomsSafestPlace #guns #firearms #WillesLee#noexcuse #nocompromise #commnsense @WillesLee #gunowners #DefenderofFreedom #reciprocity#M2AGA #merica Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors #patriot#ShallNotBeInfringed

Only slight edits by the Ammoland staff.

NRA Board member Willes Lee on the 2018 NRA Election: Aim Your Vote

By NRA Board Member Willes Lee
This is personal opinion and is not National Rifle Association of America (NRA) position or policy. This article adds transparency to the NRA election process.

NRA Leadership Board of Directors
NRA Board member Willes Lee on the 2018 NRA Election: Aim Your Vote

USA – -( Our NRA is the biggest, loudest, most effective voice for upholding the Second Amendment. Though, in an ideal world none of us in should have to advocate for our God-given rights, as affirmed in the Second. I am committed to protecting our rights in a world that is, not as we wish it were. This is why I urge fellow NRA voting members to aim your NRA Board member vote.

We need the best NRA Board of Directors possible. Few major organizations allow “you” to have a say, like the National Rifle Association’s by-laws do.

NRA is the ONLY major Second Amendment organization that allows any individual member to run for the Board, and also allows for all eligible members to vote.

I serve on several national- and state-level boards and commissions, and this is the only one decided by members. You decide who runs, you decide who is elected. It is argued that the NRA Nominating Committee decides the candidates, but those committee members are there only because we elected them to the Board.

Their committee process augments, but does not exclude, a successful independent member petition effort. Col Allen West won election as a petition-only candidate. I’ve run both ways. Nominated in 2016, it was a loss but close enough to move onto the Board a year ago this month to fill a vacancy. Running by petition-only in 2017, you helped me win a two-year term. This makes me either an outside-insider, or an inside-outsider. I have written to you before about my NRA election journey on AmmoLand News.

The 35 candidates for 2018 include thirty nominated candidates, three nominated and petition candidates, and two petition-only candidates. We’ll elect 25 board members for three-year terms. NRA Life members and current members of five or more consecutive years receive their ballot in their Official NRA periodical (first-class mail for Hawaii only). If you are eligible and you do not receive a ballot, contact the NRA Membership office. Some 2.2 million members get ballots.

Disappointingly, only about 7% (in 2017, 135,000 for 6.2%) of ballots are returned. If you are reading this, the NRA election is as important to you as any state or national election.

Here is what I ask of you: Read their bios to discern differences, also ask your friends, google their names, check their social media. We have very qualified and capable candidates. We do so much more than legislative advocacy and firearms training. It is valuable to have many varied backgrounds on the Board to address myriad NRA gold-standard functional areas. These include competitions, safety, youth, certification, collecting, shooting, legal, finance, self-defense, political and issue matters, hunting, conservation and quite a bit more, in addition to the well-known advocacy and training roles. We need the best people who will bring their commitment, expertise, and experience to the NRA Board.

Bullet Voting

Many strongly suggest you do not vote a full slate of 25. Instead, it’s more effective for you to “bullet vote”. Select the one, maybe three, no more than five of your best. In any election with multiple candidates for multiple positions, singling out your “bullet” vote gives it more weight. E.g., if there is one particular candidate you favor, by also voting for others, your candidate has no more edge than the others.

Board Member, #76

Willes Lee
Willes Lee

There is an additional Board member, #76, who is elected for a one-year term by membership attending the NRAAM. We’ll write about that after this election.

It is more important than ever to have an aggressive, agile NRA Board. Many great patriots serve and have served to build the National Rifle Association into “Freedoms Safest Place”. With civil (gun) rights issues and the growing popularity of shooting activities, it is necessary more than ever to shape our Board of Directors with action leadership for the coming decade. Research the candidates, and cast your vote.

Lieutenant Colonel Willes K. Lee USA (Ret) is a member of the National Rifle Association of America (NRA) Board of Directors. He is a Benefactor Life member, serving on five NRA committees. Lee is a combat veteran, a West Point graduate who served another 22 years as a Defender of Freedom. Willes is the President of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA), a co-Chairman of the Trump-Pence Second Amendment Coalition, a member of the Council for National Policy, and on the board of the American Conservative Union (ACU) Foundation, hosts of CPAC. He is a former GOP State Chairman and RNC member. Follow Lee, Twitter and Instagram @WillesLee, and