Better part of a week, in Missouri

THIS is ‘Merica. Snowflakes discouraged (or worse).
I’ve done crazy. But, these boys are CRAZY.
NRA Sporting Arms Museum in Bass Pro Shops Springfield MO

Driven through usually St Louis to Kansas City, or reverse, just transiting the state. Not normally in Missouri, made sure this time to see some of the sites.

Our host for this meeting was a very generous Bass Pro Shops conservationist, fisherman, patriot Johnny Morris. One afternoon, we went to Big Cedar Lodge, outside Branson MO on the Arkansas border. The Ozark’s are beautiful and reminded me of the Shenandoah mountains. Did a golf cart for the nature trail. Then could tour their museum but .. instead had a little time for sporting clays at the Bass Pro Outdoor Academy. I’m crappy for lack of practice (I don’t) but enjoy seeing how crappy each time I get the opportunity. One of my ‘team’ was Steve Hornady (yeah, THAT Hornady. You probably have a box of his ammo in your bag.) who repeatedly told our young guide that we had time for ‘just one more’ station (we shot a lot). I missed some pigeons but you can be certain that when I broke clay … it was mostly luck. Damn, those things are fast. Pig roast was part of dinner, country music off the back of an old flatbed, cigars around the corner with the cool guys afterwards.

Unfortunately bailed on the Historic Automobiles Museum to spend more time shopping at Bass Pro Shops and shooting some video at the NRA Sporting Arms Museum.

The Professional Bull Riding Association was in town for the weekend, part of their tour to determine the finalists for the World Championship coming in November.  Having joined us at yesterday’s NRA President’s reception, PBR invited us to their rodeo.

Team for sporting clays.
Bulls, cowboys, and hot women. They be like “sure grandpa, you can take a photo.”

Mean bulls, crazy cowboys, and hot cowgirls. My kinda of Americans. EVERYONE bowed their head in prayer. Then, they had this 20’x15′ US flag that four veterans rappelled from the rafters, THEN, their Governor (Greiten’s is a former SEAL) friggin’ rappelled down to join us in the National Anthem for which E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E. stood (and doffed their cowboy or baseball caps). Like I said, my sorta people.

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