How the NRA Board election “works”

How the NRA Board election “works”

Celebrities, inside the gun world and out, don’t campaign much. They don’t have too. Name recognition often earns them a top spot in the results. The rest of us campaign. NRA doesn’t tell who or where are the life & 5-year members. Grassroots candidates hope to send our message far and wide, hope to hit an NRA voter, hope to earn that voter’s support, then hope that voter mails their ballot.  Overall, historically, on;y about 7%, you read that right, return ballots. (Though, clearly 100% + several million more of us have an opinion about the NRA or who sits on the Board).

The only way I can get my message out is if you Share, repost or Forward my information, bio, endorsements to your contacts, and ask them to do the same to theirs.  Some voting members are obvious, others are found in the most unlikely places and states. If you support me, push the word to others in your world, hope they are a voter, hope they will submit their ballot.

There are a lot of good choices this year! From my interview “At this level, with an issue this sacrosanct, there is no room for beginners, no room for amateurs. Learn and practice before you get here, serve on a committee, learn to raise millions of dollars. There is no learning on the job. The NRA is a national, crucial, half-billion-dollar enterprise with hundreds of staff, thousands of volunteers, and millions of members representing 120 million firearms owners and even more believers in the Constitution. You better be ready when you get here, and you better be tough.”

Bullet vote.  I want to earn your vote.  Explained here  Regardless, mathematics tell us that if you vote for 25 folks to fill 25 slots, we’re all the same. Do your research. Name recognition of celebs is fine if you know the person, their work, and their commitment.  To get the right people, those being the candidates you REALLY want on the Board, you must bullet vote. Vote for one (hopefully, me), perhaps three you know and trust, and absolutely no more than five. That separates them from the rest of the field, and helps ensure your vote(s) have weight. Then, you must Share your choice(s) for Board. It is MOST helpful if you produce a meme or short video and post it to all your social media – from Facebook, email, Instagram, Pintrest, Twitter and any other.  Tag me, I’ll share your support. However, nothing has the impact with your friends as a does a message from you. YOU MUST SHARE.

It shouldn’t be the  case, but NRA is all you have between you and a handgun ban, or an AR ban. The political world has gotten tougher as our opponents have gotten more savvy. The NRA Board election is as important for you, the 2A supporter, as any important public office election. This is your NRA. It is all you have to safeguard your 2A. Take this responsibility seriously. Vote in the NRA election. I humbly ask for your vote.

Hawaii & Hawaii Friends of NRA Banquet

East coast late election results, 4:30 am at the airport for 15 hour travel. More 2A to do. Doh. Now, another 2 hours delay, so far. Five total. Uh, did I mention how much Unitedairlines sucks? 2 hours ago: United message here at gate “we are delayed doing a maintenance inspection.” So you waited until departure to do an inspection??? Way-to-go. ‬… 

First thing I did, 24-hours from start of trip thanks to @unitedairlines, walk to the beach. Less sun at 10 pm than my original landing time in the afternoon. No sympathy, it is the beach.

I know. Life sucks w that way-too-long flight into the middle of the night. Then, bam, 8am for a 2-hour conference call (note the earphones). Hey, it’s difficult to hold coffee, phone, pad, pen in the sand.  So far, made all my appointments & meetings even when I didn’t want too (joshing, it’s been good & valuable). #politics #2A #discipline #transparency 

Proud of Hawaii Rifle Association Hawaii Rifle Association President Harvey Gerwig & Kerry who do an amazing job in ALL facets of the association from training, safety, shooting, legislation….in a very tough (political) environment. (brief rain brought a rainbow). Met w former State Senator Sam Slom yesterday, last saw him at Second Amendment  Foundation #GRPC#SecondAmendment #2A #M2AGA #StandandFight #NRAClubsandAssociations 

Veterans Day commemoration w Sub Vets and US PACFLT Sub Force, Pearl Harbor. #lovevets #myflag #veteransday #WillesLee #subs #submarines #GoArmyBeatNavy Brett Kulbis #torpedo #PearlHarbor 

Aloha. Different sorta office. ”Freezing” cold & windy day (yes, cold is relative) for Hawaii Republican Action – HIRA meeting. As National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA), bittersweet to give up duty as Hawai’i National Director (maybe keep honorary, or emeritus stuff so I can attend these beach-front gatherings). Hawaii team led by BFF Eric Ryan is very effective, great, at holding liberals, Democrats & Republicans, accountable. Mahalo. #politics #HIRA #NFRA #conservative #conservativesolutions #truth #transparency #merica 

Doh. Be calm, this is last year’s meeting. I’m still here, at least you think you know it’s me. #sharksinthewater #whowon #SCUBA #seenbigger #holdmybeer h/t BFF Emil Svrcina for reposting.

Asked to give brief remarks to FNRA Banquet (anyone been knows these run way-long if you dally up front) on Veterans Day, 100th commemoration of the WWI Armistice. Sold out Marine Corps Base-Hawaii venue at 300+ in solid liberal blue-state w many #SecondAmendment supporters. Only Dinner that is organized & run by scholastic student-athlete shooters (this year, one set state girl’s record, another girl headed to Jr Oly). My message 1. NRA President Oliver North’s challenge to us to double NRA membership, join or sign up a friend 2. Per NRA Outreach Chairman (me) invite a non-#2A friend to a range, meeting, gun store, competition. It’s Hawai’i Veterans Day: watch when I ask vets, service members, & families to stand for recognition, more than 2/3 of the room stands. Great sponsors make this Dinner work. This is NRA Foundation, not political, but for an idea of the political environment, not a single sitting Republican legislator (only 5/76, & they’re liberal) attended. PS – no, NRA does not pay for this trip. #NRA #NRABoard #WillesLee #FreedomsSafestPlace #FNRAinParadise #KBay #gunowners @WillesLee Harvey Gerwig Dawn Horn #studentathletes #firearms #gunrights #USA #NRAFoundation #keepshooting #freedom Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors #aloha  

Bama Carry Freedom Conference

Come to BamaCarry‘s 4th Annual Freedom Conference to meet the folks you’ve been hoping to meet. I am, with many friends attending & a great lineup of speakers, including me. Don’t need to be from AL, just need to be #2A. Don’t get here often so, please, let’s get introduced. Have four states to visit before getting to Sweet Home on Feb 10 so I’m prepping remarks now. What’d y’all want me to talk about? #merica #nocompromise #commonsense #selfdefense #noexcuse #ICarryMySafePlace #keepshooting#SecondAmendment @WillesLee #DefenderofFreedom #firearms #gunowners #freedom #gunrights #patriot#myflag #freedom #reciprocity #guns #CCW #lovevets Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors Eddie Fulmer

@americanairlines , you WERE doing fine. Out of DCA, probably easiest airlines to travel with firearms. Still, placed a ‘steal me’ tag on my checked luggage. The delay in Charlott was miserable. When sammwich cart comes out … say again how long is this delay? #whywehatetofly #amateurs#crewresttheysay #makeflyinggreatsgain #coulddrivefaster #AmericanAirlines #sucks

Hey. Which of you friends suggested I fly American?? @americanairlines repeatedly delayed this flight to Birmingham AL 7 times over 7 hours, always citing crew complications. Just now #AA tweets there were wx issues. Huh? Get your lies straight. Fortunately, crowd was a fun group. Suppose to land at 1pm, note the photo is NOT 1pm. Missed lunch w friends Paul & @joanreynolds. Dinner w my @BamaCarry friends. We haven’t taken off yet, might missed more. #AmericanAirlines sucked today. Hope they are better tomorrow. #dts

Today, Jasper AL. Outreach, Grassroots Dev, team work. BamaCarry.organnual conference. Just spoke, headed back to airport. Great people, great energy. Many friends, lots of new friends. Back held up, mostly, but it friggin hurts. Love being in Alabama, back to the beltway for CPAC 2018#CCW #2A #nocompromise 

This was good fun, great #merica. Y’all treat folks right. This is 2A-loving country. Wrapping a four state, five event, ten day trip (w a screaming back) & this made the work worth it. Wanna get these posted show our fun #SecondAmemdment friends. I’ll caption soon, gotta clean #CCW. Less than 24 hours in the ground thanks to a sucky American Airlines trip. Torrential, needed rain. Many friends, new friends, & FB friends. Need y’all to follow my NRA page, personal page is so much you don’t care about. Other speakers were great, must-hear sortof talks. Felt flat w aching back but folks were kind as Eddie Fulmer allowed me to borrow his stage for a couple min. Gonna share some real-photog pics later after some more sleep. Lots this week before our CPAC 2018 the next. #NRA #NRABoard#WillesLee #reciprocity #lovevets #gunrights #gunowners #freedom #firearms #ShallNotBeInfringed Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors

Midnight landing, Saturday. Ten days, four states, five major events (several multi-Day)….. no flu but back and leg were a burning. A blessing. Good #2A & #conservative work (‘cept embarrassing R cave on the budget). Thank you to friends who helped get me around, especially after back blew up. #RNCmeeting #GAOS2018 #2A AAPI Conservative Leadership Caucus #NFRA #itsonlyworkifyoudoit #needsleep #onlyoneworkdaylefttilmonday #PTforback #outreach @WillesLee #nocompromise  #reciprocity #M2AGA #DefenderofFreedom National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA) #lovevets 

GAOS, Harrisburg

Great American Outdoor Show. this was tough but not for reasons you’d think. Hosed some nerves in the back and leg so it was painful, as in very painful to stand and to walk. Then, a snow storm was approaching. Still, drove up, stopping, always, on the Gettysburg battlefield in the snow.

End those winter blues, join us in Harrisburg. Gotta admit, this is a highlight of my Great American Outdoor Show. My schedule keeps scrunching down but I will NOT miss DockDogs® at NRA Great American Outdoor Show (WK 1). PM if you’re going, let’s link. NRA – National Rifle Association of America has re-made #GAOS into #1 outdoor show in the world. #NRA #NRABoard#2A #guns #merica #freedom @WillesLee #USA #FreedomsSafestPlace 

PSA for all real people. Do NOT NOT NOT miss the world’s biggest outdoor show. This is family stuff. Firearms, boats, trucks, excursions, archery & NRA Headquarters Range, & dockdogs on my schedule. 9 days, 175k+ visitors, 200+ seminars, 1100 exhibitors, NRATVNRA Foundation Friends of NRA banquet, NRA Country concert, 650k sf of exhibits, NRA’s Eddie Eagle Program birthday, celebrities, rock climbing, more, more, more. I’m there Tuesday & Wednesday, say hi. #WillesLee #guns #firearms#ShallNotBeInfringed #lovevets #hunting #fishing #GAOS2018

Uh huh. Last night was big party in DC w dear friends & family. Today is #GAOS2018 world’s largest outdoor show right here in beautiful Harrisburg PA. #MAGA @WillesLee #boats #trucks #excursions #CarryGuard@nratv @NRA #Americans

Weather better last year, but more vendors, exhibits, seminars this. Great fun, today was dockdogs, check my FB Live, ’bout 5 min, at Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors. Gonna snow soon, I need to be able to get back for a flight Friday to Alabama. #WillesLee @WillesLee #M2AGA

#GAOS2018. Great American Outdoor Show, Harrisburg, PA. 9 days, 1000 vendors, 200 seminars, 175k visitors & dockdogs. C’mon, how is this not fun? No dogs, toys, nor trainers we’re injured in the making of these vids. Pro-am, you can bring your dog to compete. Check the FB Live from yesterday’s warm up rounds at Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors. Spend my time w newest Outdoor gear, thanking our many vendors & NRA – National Rifle Association of America members from across the nation. I’m liking the guns & gear, boats, trucks. Hit the NRA Headquarters RangeNRA’s Eddie Eagle Programbirthday, NRATV booth, NRA Carry Guard. Still time for The NRA FoundationFriends of NRA Banquet, & NRA Country concert. NRA Museums has great display at NRA booth in the Shooting Sports Hall. #outsidethebeltway #USA #FreedomsSafestPlace @WillesLee #dockdogs #outdoors #excursions

Did a FB Live from the Dock Dogs show. From #GAOS2018. #dockdogs #USA #outdoors dockdogs Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors Just posted more vid at personal page and Instagram @WillesLee

#GAOS2018. You need to do this, thru the weekend & again next year. 200 seminars, 1000 vendors, #hunting#fishing, boats, trucks, & yes firearms, accessories, & gear. Friends banquet tonight, NRA Country concert Saturday. This was fun, lots of friends & new friends. Fly to AL tomorrow. #NRA #NRABoard NRA – National Rifle Association of America #WillesLee #shallnotbeinfringed @WillesLee #firearms #2A #freedom #guns #noexcuse Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors