CPAC 2019 Standing room only grassroots breakout session to begin weekend. You want to be here. Lotta enthusiasm, from folks across the nation. #reelectWilles

CPAC 2019 meetings. #reelectWilles

Interviewed Maj Toure, Black Guns Matter. Woot, Main Stage.

Great seats for CPAC 2019 POTUS Donald J. Trump rocks the house. Gotta go watch the Facebook Live.

Celebrating exciting Reagan Banquet at CPAC 2019 w BFF Charlie Gerow, Chairman ACU Board of Directors. #bam #politics

Doh. Uh. CPAC 2019. Don’t miss next year.

Convinced yet to attend CPAC 2020?
Pete Hegseth in the hall CPAC 2019#CPAC2019.

Delaware Guns

Friends headed to DSSA – Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association Thursday, let’s make sure we meet. 
Joining NRA Board member/Past president BFF John Sigler w always on-target ILA boss BFF Chris Cox. If you don’t yet have tickets, click thru link below. (MTF – Friday in PA also exciting).
#2A#SecondAmendment #M2AGA #gunrights #gunowners @WillesLee #firearms #ShallNotBeInfringed #FreedomsSafestPlace #StandandFight #freedom #merica 

DSSA Annual Banquet, Dover DE 600 great 2A folks in a blue blue state. NRA Institute for Legislative Action great BFF speaking (& cameo on this FB Live). Many DE legislators attend. Super job by organizers to raise $ for DE effort. 

FB Live from Delaware. Great banquet tonight. Last week was a super National Shooting Sports Foundation | NSSF SHOT FB Live. Tomorrow is NRA #GAOSGreat American Outdoor Show

Fav Josephine Byrd looking great at DSSA Annual Banquet. Dover DE. Catching up from six weeks ago. 
Recall her court win & NRA Freedom’s Safest Place ad? She was sweet to say that she recalled meeting at NRAAM. 
#NRA #NRABoard #WillesLee #DefenderofFreedom #FreedomsSafestPlace Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors #reelectWilles

Early today in Delaware (before whatever later closed I76 in PA). It was ugly w lotta folks who can’t drive in snow. Many prayers today.

I Missed Blogging, We Won

Whew. A candidate’s first responsibility is to win election, in this case re-election. We did. Thank you for your support. That’s where I’ve been, hoping our website blog could stand on it’s own til I got back. Appreciate your patience.

I’ve been busy winning election in a very competitive year. Also, have to update you on SHOT, GAOS, CPAC and much more. Only, holy cow, like to do that before we get to NRAAM in a couple weeks.

We won. There is no way we do this without a great team, and all of you Sharing, reporting, retweeting, posting, talking, advocating for me on podcasts and radio shows. Thank you. Couldn’t win without you, and believe I am so far pretty good at what we need for the Second Amendment.

NRA and our 2A community has a lot of challenging work laid out, and I’m in the middle of it. As I just wrote a friend, it is all the work that I can’t report that is important. Yet, I’ll see you at Friends Dinners, events including Indianapolis NRAAM, and some new (to me) events this year. Please stop me for introductions. Let’s meet and grow our community.

VSSA Endores Lee for NRA

Hello Willes,
It is with great pleasure that I write to inform you that the Virginia Shooting Sports Association Board of Directors has voted on behalf of the thousands of VSSA members to endorse your re-election to the NRA Board.  We are proud to support a fellow VSSA member and strong advocate for the right to keep and bear arms for the NRA Board.  You do such a great job traveling around the country promoting our rights.  Feel free to promote this endorsement as you deem appropriate.  We will also promote the endorsement on our blog and social media as well as the eBullet member newsletter.  I have attached a copy of the VSSA logo that you can use to promote the endorsement on social media and other materials.
Good luck in your re-election bid. 

David AdamsVice PresidentLegislative DirectorVirginia Shooting Sports