CPAC 2019 Standing room only grassroots breakout session to begin weekend. You want to be here. Lotta enthusiasm, from folks across the nation. #reelectWilles

CPAC 2019 meetings. #reelectWilles

Interviewed Maj Toure, Black Guns Matter. Woot, Main Stage.

Great seats for CPAC 2019 POTUS Donald J. Trump rocks the house. Gotta go watch the Facebook Live.

Celebrating exciting Reagan Banquet at CPAC 2019 w BFF Charlie Gerow, Chairman ACU Board of Directors. #bam #politics

Doh. Uh. CPAC 2019. Don’t miss next year.

Convinced yet to attend CPAC 2020?
Pete Hegseth in the hall CPAC 2019#CPAC2019.

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