Delaware Guns

Friends headed to DSSA – Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association Thursday, let’s make sure we meet. 
Joining NRA Board member/Past president BFF John Sigler w always on-target ILA boss BFF Chris Cox. If you don’t yet have tickets, click thru link below. (MTF – Friday in PA also exciting).
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DSSA Annual Banquet, Dover DE 600 great 2A folks in a blue blue state. NRA Institute for Legislative Action great BFF speaking (& cameo on this FB Live). Many DE legislators attend. Super job by organizers to raise $ for DE effort. 

FB Live from Delaware. Great banquet tonight. Last week was a super National Shooting Sports Foundation | NSSF SHOT FB Live. Tomorrow is NRA #GAOSGreat American Outdoor Show

Fav Josephine Byrd looking great at DSSA Annual Banquet. Dover DE. Catching up from six weeks ago. 
Recall her court win & NRA Freedom’s Safest Place ad? She was sweet to say that she recalled meeting at NRAAM. 
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Early today in Delaware (before whatever later closed I76 in PA). It was ugly w lotta folks who can’t drive in snow. Many prayers today.

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