Do not confuse my skiing with vacation

Not bad to follow a wickedly-paced couple of months to begin 2018 with a week of skiing. Unless, it’s work. Immediately following CPAC, sandwiched between commitments, hit the slopes at Vail. I’m just learning, Black Diamond, not Black Double Diamond yet. With an instructor, helps to get through lift lines, we cover miles each day, pushing the envelope. Second day was a warm up on Riva and The Slot (if you know, you know) – whether you think so, your instructor thinks you’re ready. Ski, eat, sleep, repeat for seven days. With my back and right leg in disarray since before the trip to GAOS in Harrisburg, it was surprising that I could ski more comfortably than walk. I had difficulty getting to the slope, to meals, to break areas, but not so slicing through the snow. One day of sorta wet powder, which slows you a lot, and one day of beautiful 6-8 inches of light fluffy powder that you see in magazines. Powder, especially, is why you learn to ski more parallel than snowplow, or the new term ‘pizza’. Very few, very few, moguls this year because the beating on the back and groin muscle made it way painful. Early March means fair temps, most days on the mountain were 25-30 degrees. One was a very windy cold 20 degrees. The day it hit 40 down below, we came in for the afternoon to slush … which was ice the next morning.  Early March also means ACC Men’s Basketball tournament, fitting it into our schedule, getting ready for March Madness.  Expensive outing and the  only “vacation” we take.  Sweetheart goes all day long, no breaks, no lunch, hardly any Blue runs. Ski, eat, sleep, repeat. With my back as it was, I made all but one day, and then only half days. She just kept going (she is the expert in the family). That’s an Ermine in the photo, cute tiny rodent things, but fast. Not that work stops, because of phones and computers, and now it is back to work.

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