Doh, back and leg nerves

Six weeks ago, I woke with severe back and right leg pain. Still had a lot of work to do so drove to PA for GAOS, flew to AL for BamaCarry, week in MD for CPAC, now week in CO. So, I am a tough guy (sweetheart would say differently.) and if this is just pain, I can live through it. When I found out it wasn’t life threatening, it was time to power through, with help from drugs. Lots, lots of Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Bayer. Tried Oxy and found out why people get addicted.

Part of this is the complete tightening of muscles, in my case the right buttocks, right quad and groin. The burning in the right hip and way burn in right knee is the effect of the nerve damage. To break up muscle tightness, think of it as a really bad constant cramp, is to “needle”. The 5 inch needles are stuck in through the skin (doesn’t hurt) into the muscle then shifted & jabbed to cause the muscle to grip the needle then in 24 hours to release. Twice a week, painful as heck but the next day the muscle is considerably less cramped. Can’t sleep for more than three hours before the pain wakes me.  Even six weeks later, can’t walk for more than about 100 feet before the pain takes over and I need to stop to let the muscles calm down.  Taking tons of Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Bayer, couple of Tylenol 3.

There’s “cups”. First heard of these used by Michael Phelps in Olympics before his record swim races. They suction these cups onto you in an effort to stretch the muscles and try to get them to settle back in the right place. They leave a 96 hour-long mark, sort of like a hickey from years, years, ago.

Lots and lots of stretching exercises. Allowed to “run” again (no hills) but haven’t mustered the will just yet.  Last week, I began traction. She straps me to the table, then the table pulls me apart. Told her that sweetheart would like me taller …. and actually for a short, temporary, period, I am taller. Two more weeks of this before doctors decides whether to have steroid epidural, then would be surgery (uh, no).  Harrisburg GAOS was the worse, so bad, way bad, really bad it is much better now.  The Alabama trip was a chore.  This week was MRI which showed more than the X-rays. Slight pinched nerve in the lower back. It’s just pain, the injury and the rehab, but just pain. Unfortunately, while I can gut the pain, it is exhausting and makes me sort of want to do nothing … but still work to do.

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