Early morning radio with Saturday Symposium w Gary and Dan

Joined blogtalk radio Saturday Symposium.  Gary Edwin Rumer & Dan Wilson for a lively weekend chat about guns, military history, Alexandria Virginia shooting & congressional reciprocity, NRA Carry Guard Expo.  I invited Gary and Dan to visit our Fairfax VA NRA Museums.  Last interview posted photos of me in office.  Not showing me at 7am Saturday, so this is my view during interview before heading to Hawaii Rifle Association Shooting Sports Fair. #2A #NRA #someonehastodoit #longday @WillesLee Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors www.WillesLee.com

I begin at about 59 min mark. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/contending4truthradio/2017/06/17/saturday-symposium-with-dan-and-gary

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