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MUSING About NRA – National Rifle Association of America Statement. Caution, Caution: Long read, so friggin’ long.  MY thoughts. Don’t know if other #NRA are opening their page like this. Will pin for a couple days, do my best or will find answers. Responded to many w same questions, still getting to Groups. Know this is important to you.
-Encouraging input, even haters. I respect your opinion, even to disagree. If you’re not a member, please hold off a day. I value your input, but you don’t have standing. Will see if I am preaching to the choir, & of course you may UnLike. (Cursing is allowed by me. FB, dunno.) OK?
-NRA statement, Hammer’s email, & LaPierre. I canNOT & do NOT speak for the NRA or Board. It’s just ME, & what I read online.
-NRA statement is our statement. It is good. Don’t misinterpret it. Some want to make waves, or money, off it. If you read it, some haven’t, please read again … w the eyes of a congressman.
-I am politically (read the bio) #nocompromise, … but, I am not the decider. Congress is. I didn’t elect them, you did. Same folks we’re asking to pass #reciprocity & #SHARE. Some are scared by bump stocks. If they get involved, anything can happen. Wrap your brain around that – anything.
-I am right-wing. Read TWT article about my weekend speech (hint, he uses ‘fire-breathing’ for sweet ‘ole me). The hard right must counter the unconstitutional voices of the hard left who want to take all your firearms. But, neither side decides, nor does NRA (nor #GOA, nor #SAF). Congress does, & anything can happen… unless ATF reviews, where it should be.
-Some want a public internal-to-2A fight, maybe for legitimate reasons & maybe not so much. That’s your right. If you don’t support NRA or don’t have skin in the game (member), you have no business complaining, or for that matter, taking advantage of anything NRA does or has done (think #CCW, semi-autos, competitions, training, & more). It is a gift.
-Many members don’t care about the legislative side & wish we’d just let #shooting, safety, #hunting#conservation, shows, sales, meetings, manufacturing, competitions, collecting, training, & certifying simply silently perform.
-For the legislative ‘shall not be infringed’ folks, of which I am one, imagine your gun safe/closet in four years if NRA did a ‘screw you’ & closed shop. Imagine if a few tough 2A guys hadn’t begun NRA Institute for Legislative Action in the 70’s. No FB discussion, bc you wouldn’t have a gun. ILA is a professional political organization, not blustering activists like us. Not a branch of gov’t. Not a political party. Not a multi-billion dollar corporation. Yet, they’ve saved us through repeated, huge, costly anti-gun attacks… & won.
-I’m in politics, & appreciate good political work even by liberals. They got us distracted, fighting, bailing. We’re frustrated the congress we elected won’t act, then distracted by an NRA statement. Don’t be distracted.
-Marion Hammer’s email, which not surprisingly leaked. Of course, there shouldn’t be dissent on the Board, nor employees. Nor members, but you want to vent. Never been on a team – military, business, political, family, anywhere – where we publicly dissent after a decision. No Coke Cola director complained about Coke Zero. Zuckenburg fired an employee for disagreeing w ideology. Not on the Board & not an employee, go ahead & complain. If you are, once the decision is made, move forward w all your energy & determination to #M2AGA. Sort of think you want folks at your office to do the same.
-I am full-spectrum: #guns#life#taxes#immigration & more. Love our movement. I am a member of some, & very much appreciate the value of all, #2A & #conservative groups. But, opponents don’t mention them. Only. the. N.R.A. A friend wrote “hard to continue supporting the NRA”. Latest is anti’s call to abolish the 2nd. Who you gonna call? 2018, ’20 elections coming. You got a friend who does what the NRA does? Weekend w friends who carry long-haul “I do not support the NRA”. Really? Think your CCW & 13+1 double stack is here bc Ds want you to have it? Nat’l competitions, your next range upgrade, plinking in your backyard, saving our hunting culture… who are you counting on? Complain? Sure. Walk away? Maybe you don’t have the stomach for this business. Just sayin.
-Another. “LaPierre needs to go”. Don’t know where I saw that so this isn’t personal: Gotta be the dumbest thing all month. I’m strapped, CCW in my pocket from another state bc mine won’t issue. Three ARs on my backseat w a box of 30 rnd mags to go hunting on a Sunday in another state. Then, take guns & ammo on a plane to yet another state to compete in a national 3-gun, before an elem school w #EddieEagle to teach gun safety to the next generation…. bc Wayne LaPierre is giving his adult life fighting for my rights …. even before I knew they were being taken. No, I’m riding the horse that got me here & we will never, ever be able to repay Wayne (& family), Chris Cox & the tough bubbas before them for getting us this far. Do we have disagreements? Sure, but I’m not telling you. You can argue we’d be better if he’d never been here …. ha, ha ha, ha. Sorry, I shouldn’t make fun of your argument.
-What we can do: 1. Have a US Senate & two Gov races right now. Get involved. 2. About 38 are competing for 25 #NRABoard seats in 2019. Vote. 3. Support ILA, we’re in a fight.
-Now, you’ve been distracted by me, & I’ve used three hours writing. You’re reading instead of calling 535 congressmen, & all your state legislators. #Reciprocity. #SHARE. #Guarantee.
Thank you. //s// Lee, law-abiding, private citizen.
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