GAOS, Great American Outdoor Show

NRA President Oliver North#GAOS Ribbon Cutting ceremony. Check FB Live report Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors from last night. 10 days, 250,000 happy customers. If you’re near, come.
Great American Outdoor Show

#GAOSGreat American Outdoor Show. Firearms, accessories, gear, & stuff. Note buddies at Magpul Industries Corp.SIG SAUER to the right near NRA – National Rifle Association of America booth. Food, we eat a lot of way healthy food. Back to archery 3D range w full line of shooters. 
NRA took over a good but troubled show 5 years ago &, w great partners & local Harrisburg, Pennsylvania community, made this show great & growing. Best is the committed vendors & exhibitors, phenomenal people/customers of our community, & the best-ever volunteers.
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So, this was amazing. At #GAOS. Stopped for NRA Board member, friggin-expert hunter BFF Kristy Titus seminar “Positional Shooting”. Packed room of hunters, long-range shooters, Kristy fans. Great learning experience. When she had to pack out for the next seminar coming in, get this, Kristy asked me to case her rifle. Ok, I got to carry Kristy Titus’ rifle out of the room. C’mon. How cool is that?

FB Live Not done w NRA – National Rifle Association of America Great American Outdoor Show until the last dockdogs jumps!! Getting to the pros before converting the large arena in NRA Country concert venue. plus Friends of NRA Banquet Thurs evening. #transparency
#GAOS continues thru Sunday. If you are able…. bucket list event for everything outdoors. 
Thanks for being w me for FB Live & IG posts. I’ll be back next year!
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