GRPC 2017

You’re in the right place when it is Amanda Suffecool & Rob Campbell.
Jam-packed agenda.
Amazingly surprised, humbled.
Alan Korwin, Cheryl Todd, Danny Todd.
Yehuda Remer, creator of children’s Safety On book series
Maj Toure
2A women on stage
Liberals jailed Shaneen Allen in NJ.

If you haven’t been to GRPC, you should next year. You know that I am an NRA Board member. I have attending GRPC longer than NRAAM (Annual Meeting), just happened that way. Neat thing – GRPC registration, two receptions, box lunches, and 25 pounds of books and research is free-to-you via some great sponsors. You just have to get there, and have a place to stay (GRPC arranges for discounted rooms in the HQ hotel block of rooms).  I spoke Saturday morning, part of a panel with two other NRA Directors “Gun rights in the Trump Era”. We had 15 minutes which goes quickly. Our panel is posted on FB WillesLeeNRA. The best part of the weekend is the complete list of who’s who speakers, presenters, and guests. Many friends are here. Many folks I hadn’t met. Hosted by the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) and their political twin Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) led by Alan Gottlieb (we are board members together at American Conservative Union). Julianne Gottleib and Andrew Gottlieb make this a family affair, with longtime guru Joe Tartero, Dave Workman and more. This year, Dallas, always near or at the airport to facilitate folks getting quickly in an out. A treat was to have a day-long Communications Day on Friday – 2A media, social media, radio and TV brainiacs to discuss the industry, compare notes, trade best practices. Friday night reception included BFF Amanda Suffecool’s Concealed Carry Fashion Show, the room was rowdy. All Saturday is rapid fire presentations, with a reception that evening.  Half Sunday is the same. Wrap up about 1:00pm after a session of resolutions. My schedule, you see from my previous blog post, is so tight this fall that I had to cut this trip to the minimum. Next year needs to be more time because this was a great event. Tried here to present photos different from the ones I used on my page or personal page.

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