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If you don’t know what is national right-to-carry reciprocity nor NICS, nor understand how the Senate works, don’t bother to read this post.  Don’t get emotional, we’re dealing with politics.  Pro-2A friends are on all five sides of this issue, for whatever real or personal reasons.  This is the 201 level view, not 101 (401 is secret until after the vote).  Finally, ANYthing can occur until the final bill is through conference committee and sent to the President.  Stay alert.

HR 38, national concealed carry “reciprocity”, passed the House in what is these days called a 1. bipartisan and 2. overwhelming majority.  Read the bill, not the media stories.  It was combined with HR 4477, “Fix NICS”.  That last minute pairing earned votes for the bill, mostly Democrat, and lost a few, mostly Republican.  The bill heads to the Senate, which has a different version, most likely triggering (no pun) a conference committee and revotes.  Both versions have issues still to be addressed.  Opponents to reciprocity, mostly antis, cite “blood in the street”, the “Wild West”, and Pelosi is simply lying (apparently accepted in politics) that it “allows” criminals to have firearms.  2A folks, the vast majority, support reciprocity though several definitions in the bill need correcting.  A vocal 2A minority thinks 1 government shouldn’t be involved, 2 Second Amendment is already a right, 3 if government gives the right to carry, it can take it away.  Government is already involved and since 1934 2A has been infringed.  Don’t listen to even to folks responsible for it: for example, the bill covers only resident carry permits to the exclusion of non-resident though the bill introducer Rep Hudson argues against the wording of his own bill.  Not to ever belittle the incredible importance of recent pro-2A SCOTUS rulings, reciprocity is the largest, most important piece of pro-2A legislation since Florida first enacted CCW in 1987.  The odds of getting through the Senate are not good.

HR 4477 is dumb, but not for the reasons some 2A folks think.  Before your knickers get in a wad, read the bill.  Don’t spout talking points which are “not truthful”.  They would be lies except they come from my friends or organizations to which I also belong.  They have their reasons, some are sincere, for making one claim or another.  Most 2A folks recognize 4477 for what it is – an attempt to get enough votes to pass HR 38.  Antigun folks welcome HR 4477 to strengthen the NICS process.  2A folks complain that 1. government shouldn’t be involved, 2. that NICS is broken, 3. that there shouldn’t be NICS, and 4. that the number of false positive findings is unacceptable.  Unfortunately, the government is already involved.  We don’t want NICS, but it is here. The bill nickname “Fix NICS” is meant to gain antis support, but it is inaccurate because it isn’t a fix.  NICS is messed up but not because of the program. It is messed up because of the implementation.  HR 4477 is really in three parts.  First part says that agencies and states must obey the current law.  No changes to who is flagged, or who can do the flagging, or the criteria… just follow the law.  Aren’t we the guys always saying we don’t need new laws, just need to enforce the current laws?  If you’re offended, be offended that we need a law to tell people to follow the law.  And, it says, if you don’t follow the law, departments and their heads are punished.  Second part, is more stupid.  It allocates what could be up to $650+M of taxpayer $ in incentives to states to, you got it, follow the law they’re supposed to be obeying in the first place.  Of note is that you, nor any other citizen, gets a bonus for NOT jaywalking, or for NOT speeding.  One reason these provisions are politically disgusting, especially for Democrats to espouse, is that their departments and heads failed to follow the law for eight Obama years without penalty; exposed by the USAF failure to report the Texas church shooter.  Additionally, punching the national budget in the gut for up to $650M, now that Republicans own the budget, never occurred when Obama ran up the national debt for everything else.  None of this fixes NICS.  It doesn’t change it at all.  It simply tells agencies to obey the law, and be either rewarded or punished.  Yes, there will be more false positives because agencies must submit names, some of which will be wrong.  But, that isn’t a fix, nor a change.  The third part of HR 4477 gives ATF a deadline to make a determination on bump stocks.  None of us care about bump stocks, but there is a valid argument about the slippery slope.  HR 4477 however only makes ATF do what they should do, and have done twice during the Obama era.

Democrat legislators can claim that they did something about guns with HR 4477.  With HR 38, law-abiding citizens can defend themselves across state lines.  That’s how you get, maybe, 60 votes in the Senate.  This is politics.Don’t like it? – complain to the Founding Fathers.  Separate the bills, and it appears HR 4477 will pass and HR 38 will not.  There is a scenario that the Senate will kill reciprocity, pass NICS, force the House to pass NICS then we’d get nothing good and some considered bad (enforcing the law).  That would suck.  But, that could occur even without reciprocity in the mix.  Don’t whiney-bitch at the NRA, most of you aren’t members, anyway.  If you don’t like the way it is, get off your butt and give me more and better 2A senators with whom to work.

I understand the argument that folks caught up in NISC prohibitions are false positives, and that it takes time and money to get their situation corrected.  It is unfortunate.  It makes me angry.  I do not know the numbers, I’ve seen wildly different estimates.  Regardless, I’ll go out on a limb and bet it is not near the number of at least 16M permit holders, not to mention the millions of residents of Constitutional carry states, who will be able to more-comfortably defend themselves across state lines or to even travel to the next state.  Not the best analogy, but one with which we can identify: Antis want to ban firearms because of a few criminals.  Opponents to this current legislation want to prevent everyone from reciprocity because some will be screwed by NICS.

One last, because someone brought up the nasty word “compromise”.   You don’t want me to compromise.  I won’t.  I told you all this year that my first legislative priority is reciprocity.  It still is.  A bill to enforce NICS, dumb as a law-to-enforce-the-law may be, won’t make me compromise on my promise to fight for reciprocity.   No compromise.  Reciprocity.  Keep the pressure on the Senate and President.  #NRA #NRABoard #merica #ICarryMySafePlace #2A #FreedomsSafestPlace #nocompromise #commonsense #freedom #selfdefense #WillesLee #gunrights #gunowners #M2AGA #DefenderofFreedom #CCW #constitutionalcarry #SecondAmendment #noexcuse #ShallNotBeInfringed #guns FBWillesLeeNRA @WillesLee


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