If you have to meet ……

N Shore is flat as flat in the summer. Got a quarter of my 250+ SCUBA dives up here. The night sky is incredible!
Looking toward Waimea Bay, the iconic church tower. In winter, these become 20-30-35 foot waves. Amateur riders need not play.

The Hawaii Republican Assembly leadership met on the North Shore, ON the north shore. HIRA holds liberals – Republicans and Democrats – in Hawaii accountable, and promotes conservative solutions to our many tropical paradise problems. Ostensibly to discuss messaging and strategy, we used the visit to recharge with family and friends. Giving less priority to SCUBA in recent years, I don’t often get to the north shore, except to campaign. Drive past Pearl Harbor, Hickam Airbase, then Schofield Barracks reminds of Hawaii’s strategic importance. Most pineapple and all the sugarcane is gone, couldn’t keep up with cheaper product from other places.     

That Tora Tora Tora scene when the Japanese aircraft approach from the north? Yup.
80 degree water, reef-made swimming hole, sea turtles all around


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