Judge Jeanine Book Signing

Back in July, ACU hosted a book signing for Judge Jeanine Pirro at Trump Hotel DC. Lotta crashers, and all the DC “elite” stopped in. (Disclaimer, I am on the ACU Foundation Board of Directors.)

Yes, I have the pro-photog cheesecake photo w fav Judge Jeanine Pirro. This cuter pic, however, is shot by Matt & Mercedes Schlapp‘s eldest as our little bundle of energy tells me she is the biggest, baddest #2A supporter in America. I believe her.
American Conservative Union book signing at Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C.
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James Montfort shared a post.July 30 at 11:18 AMThe Patriot Freedom Fighter Willes Lee ⭐️getting some advice straight from the author; Judge Jeanine Pirro ⭐️🙏❤️🇺🇸 Can’t wait to see her August 14th at the Virginia Women for Trump event!Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C. 

At the end on June, National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA)endorsed House Freedom Caucus Ohio Jim Jordan for Speaker. Tuesday evening at a great American Conservative Union, I told him so. Wednesday morning he announced that he’s running. Not saying, but just sayin.
BFF fav Paris Barns Martha Boneta thankfully photobombed.
How you help? Call/write your congress-bubba & tell em to support Jordan or we’re not turning out in November.
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Yeah, so, the American Conservative Union Judge Jeanine Pirro (she’s great) book event at Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C. was a huge Matt Schlapp success w all sorts of local political “celebs” & my highlight (demonstrating one can take “politics” only so seriously) ….. Clothesline bacon w fat dripping to the pickle at BLT Prime. Lotta friends, lotta crashers, some photos later. Not much swamp at this shindig. Disclaimer: ACU Foundation does #CPAC, I’m on the Board. (reminder- time to reserve your room for CPAC 2019) Did I mention the bacon?
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