Looks Like Outreach: HRA with BSA Event with Union Leaders

this post begins w this entry at Facebook.com/WillesLeeNRA “BSA & #NRA have a long history, as do state affiliates & state BSA organizations. Hawaii Rifle Association president Harvey Gerwig invited me to view an event on the Oahu North Shore. FB Live video is at Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors. It is a Boy Scouts of America development (read $$) activity w community leaders competing for bragging rights & prizes in 10 interesting events. All fun, but got competitive. The leaders, donors, are almost all from union organizations in Hawaii. Unions are the strength behind the heavily liberal agenda in this blue state. In general, that flows into some strong anti gun sentiment. (Keyword, one of the NRA committee on which I sit is Outreach, so this seemed appropriate). This is where this post get interesting – sorry to ask you to do this, if you want more, check the blog at www.WillesLee.com. It is too much to cover here. Short story – some diverse folks in a community come together to allow less-privileged children to participate in BSA thru the Scoutreach Program. Stations include Rifle, Air, Shotgun, black powder (substituted w .22) rifle, Pistol, also archery, slingshot, knife throw, tomahawk throw, spear throw, & ninja throwing stars!! This post focuses on the HRA piece. #HRA #NRA #NRABoard #MAGA #outreach #keepshooting #pewpew #guns #commonsense Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors @WillesLee www.WillesLee.com” 

This is the 12th year for this event. The Scoutreach program funds membership, uniforms and more for children who can’t afford it. I appreciate the aspect of more children participating in scouting, more liking that it kept some from perhaps participating where they can get into trouble. Participants in this event are mostly construction union-leader guys & gals so they aren’t shrinking violets, afraid to chuck a spear or blast away with a shotgun.  Intended strictly to support the BSA effort for Scoutreach, it certainly serves as many purposes for HRA and 2A. Over a good cause, gun and non gun folks get to play together. The funds support BSA, i.e. another generation, which get much of it’s firearms training and safety training from HRA members who are mostly NRA instructors and safety officers.  Especially in such an antigun blue state this, this collaboration with liberal (not necessarily antigun, but certainly liberal-minded) leaders and the tie to firearms awareness for the next generation is great outreach.

About 40 volunteers, 20 HRA and 20 BSA organize, set up  and run the event over three days.

Side notes. Outreach-style. The new young-lady BSA development director had never shot, and openly admitted being afraid of the prospect. i.e. not just afraid to shoot, but afraid to think about shooting. After watching many others take a shot (no pun), HRA instructors (all NRA certified) had her headed to the air rifle, then .22.

Less than usual events. Sucked at knife throwing.  Stuck three of ten attempts.  This was fun enough and challenging that I’ll set up something in my backyard – where unlike some of you, I cannot use firearms. Spear throwing was harder than it looks. I would have been a terrible Spartan. One of five. Harvey Gerwig replaced the cheap, breakable wooden shafts with metal poles. Yeah, they were heavy, but still. I do a little work at home with a slingshot so that isn’t unfamiliar. Didn’t try the ninja stars. With the real ones, think I’m afraid of sticking myself.

On the North Shore, the shore is right THERE. Summer is flat & smooth, winter comes & the waves get to 30+ feet.
Easy venue for beginners over a beautiful gorge w the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop.
Knife throwing crew. This was enuf fun, may get a set for my backyard.
Spear throwing. Uh, ok, harder than it looks in the movies.
All volunteers from HRA come up Friday for set up, and leave Sunday after teardown.
BSA food and volunteers. Wow, for a simple lunch, all cooked on the spot, nice.
Harvey Gerwig, longtime HRA President.
Couple months ago I posted a photo from the distance looking to where I stand now.
Not much, but still some limited fields of pineapples.

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