NRA Summer 2018 Board of Directors’ Meeting, Arlington VA

NRA Board met this weekend, committee meetings all last week (more on that after some sleep). Take away: Col Oliver North is now NRA – National Rifle Association of America President & now we #StandandFight. We have 6M (twice the size of US Armed Forces), pushing for 12M. If you’re not a member, we need you. Join, please. #myflag

Long and detailed Outreach Committee discussion of “Project Exile”, Richmond 1997. Wayne LaPierre presented the history, players, and a concept to move “exile” into the current dangerous, murder-filled cities. Watch for it in this next year. NRA going on the offensive.

NRA Board met last week. Best is working w dozens of amazingly effective 2A leaders. THIS is the tip of the spear. Honored & humbled to be assigned SIX committees this year, uh, so days for anything extracurricular are gone (hitting the Capitol, Museum, Range, Friends dinner, & such). Most of mine are political-focused & absolutely involved in this election year- Legislative Policy, Federal Affairs, Grassroots Development. Many side meetings & prep for next committee suck up time usually for discussions w friends.
Biggest news is to install Col Oliver North as President & his formal mission to increase our #SecondAmendment strength & power by doubling membership from 6M to 12M.
This is no longer about just 2A – progressive socialists have made this also about #freedom, 1A, & #racistguncontrol. I am also a GOA & SAF member, among others,…BUT… . IF YOU ARE NOT AN NRA MEMBER, or do not upgrade your membership, YOU ARE RISKING YOUR (& my) #2A during a very precarious election year. Please join, upgrade. More details of this meeting & NRA direction later at blog (pic is small desert decoration, all sugar but couldn’t bring myself to eat it.) #winning #commonsense #guns #gunowners #firearms #ShallNotBeInfringed 

Dianna Muller-3 Gun#badass for short. So, see, one gets to the NRA Board & Committees & then wonders “how the heck did I get here” w these incredible #2A leaders. (Later to find that every single member thinks the same.) Last year, pics were Board members, this year is a few fav friends. We’re reps for our #SecondAmendment community, & Dianna Liedorff Mulleris the best. On committees, & we sat in on as many other meetings as possible, she brings it. You know our shy, reserved Di. Had a blast introducing her … 20-year career LEO, The DC Project, Team Benelli 3-gun Captain &, oh, this summer took her shotgun to World’s in France for #2 on the entire PLANET…. out of breath before mentioning anything personal. I’m on only one shooting Committee, co-Chairman Collegiate Programs w Chair Dave Butz, Di can invaluably input to all of them, plus plus. Be proud of her, & be glad she is representing. If you’re not an NRA member, regardless of the reason, you are hurting our 2A movement.
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With Tiffany Johnson & Lucretia Hughes joining this year, I’m humbled as Chairman of NRA Outreach Committee. These ladies #bringit on a committee w incredible returners co-Chairman Allen WestRick FigueroaChris ChengAntonia OkaforAshlee LundvallNiger InnisMilwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr, immediate past-Chair Antonio Hernandez, past NRA Pres Allen Cors, Bill Bachenberg, Leon V. MosleyAmy Heath Lovato, also incoming members Mark Keith Robinson, Javier Ortiz. You get why this is humbling?? We have many who participate, bc all of us in #2Aare doing “outreach”, but capped the committee size bc everyone wants in. All NRA leadership, all, sat w us the entire meeting, bc this is high-level stuff. Last fall, when BFF Maj Toure accepted my invite to speak in cmte, the room burst out the walls, & he was most popular when then-NRA President Pete Brownell invited him to the NRA President’s reception. We’re talking inclusion, & if this group doesn’t show that we’re already diverse, then it is your problem. Can we “include” more?, hell yeah, & we’re doing it, including reminding folks that we’re the oldest civil-rights org in US. Not a shy wall-flower in this group (don’t know from where that term came so if you think it’s #racist then you need help). From my committee report: “discussion was rambunctious, candid, sometimes very blunt”. Uh huh. We’re #winning, & if you’re not an NRA member, you are missing the boat. We need you, you need us. More meeting details at blog later this week. #transparency #politics #shootingsports #M2AGA #StopTheCarnage #StandandFight 

“This right here is bad assery.” BEST quote of the week. Ok, so I’m late to whatever next NRA committee meeting during this week of NRA Board & pass this dude in the hallway. He’s like “I see your Tab, thanks for your service.” I’m like “no shit, but you’re the real thing. Where’d you get hit?” We talk, he was w 75th, more of his story & “bad assery” is below. He is on an NRA committee, I’m on the NRA Military and Veterans Affairs Committee- invited him to our meeting. Trevor Baucom parked his wheelchair smack behind NRA President/Mil & Vet Cmte Chairman Oliver North, met & spoke w Ollie after the meeting. I much appreciate all our gun orgs, but defy you to find one more powerful or effective as NRA. Friends, if you’re not joining into this, the NRA & guys such as Trevor, or upgrading membership, then you are hurting us, plain and simple. h/t Karla Lattof Wills for video, thank you! More details on Board meeting at later this week.
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