NRAAM Annual Meeting, Dallas


#bam New record attendance for #SecondAmendment rally, 87,154. Thank you all (even haters) for your commitment, time, treasure, vacation time, travel budget, to show at or support on social media NRA – National Rifle Association of America #NRAAM #NRAAM2018 as an affirmation in the face of antis wanting to repeal #2A. You made this a great & successful (message-sending) week. I missed seeing so many but glad you were here.

#NRAAM. Time only for one “behind-the-scene what it’s like” post tonight. Started at 8a, going on 1:30a. Ring of Freedom brunch, media room, a quarter of the line waiting for magnetometers to see POTUS, lounge. More posting and more tagging when can. Saw a lot of friends and “stuff”.

#NRAAM Saturday was everyone and everywhere. Wrapped up The DC Project breakfast, NRA – National Rifle Association of America members meeting w new Board members announcement & voting for #76, exhibit floor, Charlie Daniels concert inc Gatling Brothers/Travis Travis Tritt, then Cigars. Unreal day from 7a til 1a

#NRA Board of Directors meeting, Monday. Exciting 1st meeting as we swear in new members Duane Liptak Carrie Lightfoot Julie Golob (missed photos w other but scroll back to see them), reunite w Craig Morgan. Stunning wise move to elect Oliver North to become NRA – National Rifle Association of America President. Pop out of Dallas, see our flag(s) when exiting on this end. WHAT A WEEK(s). Few more (individual) photos from this exciting week, I’ll share when I touch down. #badass. Antis shouldn’t have brought a knife to a gun fight. There is no more honorable, God-fearing, proven leader than Oliver North. Bless the Colonel for stepping forward, credit to Pete Brownell leading NRA – National Rifle Association of America Board of Directors to this decision. Evidence? – all the hate (read that as fear) being hurled. Congratulations & thank you to Ollie. (PS, this is first public announcement of “almost 6 M NRA members”!!) #SemperFi #patriot #NRA #NRABoard #WillesLee #FreedomsSafestPlace#merica @M2AGA #gunrights #gunowners @WillesLee #ShallNotBeInfringed #StandAndFight #freedom Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors

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