Parkland Murder

Devastated. Discouraged. 17 lives, for nothing. The controversy of the FBI fail, Isreal fail, the armed deputy fail (and CNN knew this before their so-called town hall), the response fail, now the word that Broward schools have been hiding “bad” children for several years to make their disciplinary stats appear better.

Then, lefists make it political. Then, those antis throw teenagers seeking 15 minutes in front of the cameras. Then, liberals attack corporations to cut ties with NRA. The PR disaster caused by Broward’s Israel, Gov Scott’s knee-jerk gun control. On another hand, all the hate and focus on NRA, you seldom very seldom almost never, hear any other 2A group mentioned, bumped membership 500,000 just for NRA, much less other less know or effective organizations. Actually, while trying to “kill the NRA” antis mean to target all 2A folks, that’s another of their mistakes in their political effort.

Throwing children out there, the same ones they say are not responsible enough to purchase a firearm, for us to follow (?) is oxymoranic at least.

Gun Free Zones don’t work, duh. See my #CPAC2018 #2A panel comments. David Codrea in Ammoland Shooting Sports News gives real-life example of what happens when Governors, politicians, & agencies are not held accountable for failing to secure schools. NRA – National Rifle Association of America offers #SchoolShield for years & yet antis & Dems refuse to take #responsibility for their failure bc they don’t care about children. It is not about guns, it is about control. We’ve had armed teachers in schools for years. #armteachers #secureschools #protectchildren #M2AGA #selfdefense #gunrights #discipline #commonsense #merica #freedom #accountability

Breitbart Awr Hawkins gives the good & bad. Snowflake FL Gov Rick Scott & AG Pam Bondi cowered when confronted by antis, so they punish law-abiding #2A citizens to cover for their failure to secure Parkland years ago. What Scott signed still includes raising age to 21, 3-day wait, & not one action to fix the Broward County sheriff. A pox on the Republican legislators who voted in favor, while hoping Scott & Bondi run for another office so they can be defeated by folks who believe in the #Constitution. Disgusted, but not surprised, that more Republicans are not disavowing their actions. #youfailedtosecureParkland #punishingthegood #weakkneed #loser #DTS #WillesLee @WillesLee #merica #nocompromise #SecondAmendment #freedom #M2AGA Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors

Not done with this. You heard from sources about the changes made in Florida and Broward County YEARS ago to make stats look good by not reporting “bad” children to authorities, or by moving them from school to school. This is some documentation h/t to BFF Susanne Pesterfield. Yes, I’ll stir this pot bc of the crap #gunowners & NRA – National Rifle Association of America specifically is taking from antis, Dems, liberals, corporations, little children, & less qualified Hollywood & athletic types. This is on y’all who failed to do the right thing with bad students, who failed to secure our schools years ago, who lie & try to shift blame. #WeKnow, we know. Gov Rick Scott Pam Bondi Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel & all executives, school boards, legislators who did the ostrich thing since Columbine. THEY’D BE ALIVE IF NOT FOR YOU. Don’t blame me. Don’t punish law-abiding for your failures, for your responsibility for these continuing murders. This is on YOU. #fail #ownit #Demlies #antislie #bloodyhands #manipulatedchildren  Disgusting CNN #fakenews & fake townhall. #2A #getwoke #ShallNotBeInfringed #secureourschools #merica #safety #firearms #USA #AR15 #guns #GoodGuyWithAGun #nocompromise #StopTheCarnage

Every friend we have supports & appreciates LEO for #everyday being on the front lines. We also expect #accountability for failure to lead at federal & local levels. Broward Sheriff’s Office Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel is the face of several LEO leadership incompetence, deceit, leaks, & lies. #thosechildrendeservebetter H/t BFF Edward Gutteling#ownit #DumpIsrael #bloodyhands #selfevident #responsibility #transparency #noexcuse  #MAGA

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