Petition and Signers


willes-lee-nra-ballot-petition-2017With a month until deadline, we chose to run by petition for the National Rifle Association of America (NRA) Board of Directors.  Ballot access is gained with the signatures of 250 NRA voters (life and five-year consecutive members).  We collected nearly 450 signatures.  To follow the process through the election, go to

We had lots of help – at gun conferences and shows, friends, gun clubs and friends spending time at guns stores nationwide.  Signatures must be original, and the petition must be on the NRA legal-size form, i.e no electronic submissions.  We have some interesting signers who support our effort:


NRA Board Members

Allan Cors, NRA President

Pete Brownell, NRA First VP

Richard Childress, NRA Second VP

Jim Porter, NRA former President

John Sigler, NRA former President

Kayne Robinson, NRA former President

David Keene, NRA former President

Bob Corbin, NRA former President

Carolyn Meadows, NRA Foundation VP

Oliver North, NRA Military and Veterans Affair Cmte chair

Dave Butz, NRA Collegiate Programs and Youth Programs Cmtes chair

Jay Printz, NRA Sports Shooting Cmte chair

R Lee Ermey

Joe DeBergalis, NRA Education and Training Cmte chair

Joel Friedman

Bart Skelton

Linda Walker

Maria Heil

Allen West

Grover Norquist

Lance Olson, NRA Gun Collectors Cmte chair

John Cushman

Susan Howard, NRA Public Affairs and Women’s Policies Cmtes chair

Leroy Sisco

Steven Schreiner

Ted Carter

William Daily

David Coy, NRA Finance Cmte chair

Patricia Clark, NRA Air Gun Cmte chair

Herb Lanford, NRA Clubs and Associations Cmte chair

William Allen, NRA Law Enforcement Assistance and Pistol Cmtes chair

Esther Schneider

HJ Walter

Robert Wos

Sean Maloney

Tim Knight

Ronnie Barrett

Roy Innis, Outreach Cmte chair emeritus

J William Carter

Kenneth Blackwell, NRA Grassroots Development Cmte chair

Matt Blunt

Scott Bach

Carol Bambery, NRA Bylaws and Resolutions Cmte chair

Bob Barr

William Bachenberg, NRA Disabled Shooting Sports Cmte chair

Don Saba, NRA Range Grant Program Endowment chair

Carl Rowan Jr

Wayne Anthony Ross

Todd Rathner

Johnny Nugent, NRA Black Powder Cmte chair

Joe Allbaugh

Dwight Van Horn, NRA Action Shooting and Jeanne E. Bray Memorial Scholarship Cmtes chair

NRA non-Board Committee members

Leon Mosley

Antonio Hernandez, NRA Outreach Cmte chair

Graham Hill, NRA Legislative Policy Cmte chair

Niger Innis

Jonathan Goldstein

Saul Anuzis


Matt Salmon, US House of Representative AZ-5

Rob Whittman, US House of Representative VA-1

Harvey Gerwig, Hawaii Rifle Association President

Audy Kimura, past Hawaii Friends of NRA President

Bill Crocker, past RNC General Counsel

Linda Herren, former GA RNC Committeewoman

John Padgett, GA Republican state chair

Matthew Bergstrom, Arsenal Attorneys Managing Partner

Gerald Hocker, DE State Senator

Kathryn Porter, NRA Hospitality Cmte chair

NRA officers and staff not listed.  For more information, write

These are examples of members and friends who signed to reach our goal.