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Wow. Just learned this. If you click on the title (Episode 431 and so forth), it’ll take you to the recording.

Episode 431 – Willes Lee and News about Surplus 1911’s

Sometimes interviews are work, sometimes they are fun. This was fun, & valuable. Much appreciated being on Polite Society Podcast w BFFs Paul Lathrop Gary Daugherty Rob Morse Susan R Lathrop John Richardson. Spent a weekend with these friends at Dallas GRPC. I know them each through their work, but hadn’t met each of them until that SAF/CCRKBA conference. Admire each for their work for our #2A movement. Taped Nov 27 before US House began moving #Reciprocity. Show is great, & with this link you can choose to listen to only my two segments (#NRA, politics, museums, current activities, & #NRABoard), uh, but the whole show is great. Check them at politicsandguns.com. #DefenderofFreedom NRA – National Rifle Association of America NRA Institute for Legislative Action NRA Museums #guns#firearms #gunowners #gunrights #freedom #M2AGA #ICarryMySafePlaceWilles Lee NRA Board of Directors @WillesLee www.WillesLee.com (Nice work audio editor Douglas A Schultz to make sense of it all)

Best was having fun, on and off air. Some of the off-air was funnier, and some better info than I gave on-air. This is a really well scripted show. Appreciated that they have me come in, do the interview, then they do their discussion and updates afterwards so that I (or whomever is being interviewed) can get back to work.

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