RNC Summer meeting, Austin July

Posting on this at the end of August, 1. seems long ago, 2 been a lot going on to take time from posting what is happening.  First, though, to post about our trip to France w Freedom Alliance/NRA Normandy battlefield river boat cruise.

Hit Austin in the great-American state of Texas for the RNC GOP meeting. Gotta begin w most fun dinner w longtime BFFs (including several FB friends) at historic The Austin Club. Can’t beat the food, but it is the company that makes it special. Now, couple days of politics. Not all Republicans are strong on #2A#politics #friends Ourania Yue Bruce Ash Donna Crocker #Texas #merica

He greeted me at the hotel, armed w badge. Hit Austin in the great American state of Texas for the RNC GOP meeting. Couple days of politics. Not all Republicans are strong on #2A.
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What do you think about the RNC, or your state GOP? NRA stays in touch w #2A supporters, makes new friends, and holds the weak ones accountable. Always a homecoming for me, was state Chairman on the Republican National Committee GOP couple elections cycles back, did past 4 national conventions, many many good friends still fighting the good fight against the swamp to get conservatives elected. (The days are long, the nights are longer.) Yup, some of these folks aren’t ready for prime time or to support Donald J. Trump, but some of them are the best political operative/leaders in the business.
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When Republicans GOP give a shout out to Minnesota Gun Owners Caucusfor their great 3,000+ #2A rally, makes me happy to be at an RNC meeting. Waiting (not holding my breath) for Dems to do the same. #keepshooting

Political Update at RNC GOP Summer Meeting, Austin, w Donald J. Trumpcampaign great Christopher Carr & RNC political staff. Can’t show data for specific races (“secret”, of course) but one slide in particular is good & appreciated.
Staff noted great Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus-RepublicanpartyofMinnesota #SecondAmendment Rally w 3,000 supporters & 16 state legislators/candidates which I was pleased (& honored) to give NRA Institute for Legislative Action remarks. Many #2Afolks who aren’t GOP will vote for pro-rights candidates, & many GOPers know more about #gunrights. Hope for more of these. (always fun to be w firearms supporters, especially outside the Beltway.) NRA & firearms folks got DonaldTrump over the top in key states, we’ll make the difference against Bloomberg/Soros $$ also this year.
Thank you. Appreciate the shout out & always glad to work to elect more pro-civil (gun) rights to office. #MAGA #ShallNotBeInfringed #DefenderofFreedom #woke #StandandFight #commonsense Rob Doar Juan O’Leary

McBride’s Guns and Sporting Goods was hopping w customers in the middle of a weekday. BFF Bill Crocker knows that I always TRY during travels to visit at least one highly-rated local gun store, thank ‘em for doing our business, & share their name (some shopping, too). Exciting to meet Austin’s ‘living legend’, Joe McBride. Store is way more huge than it looked. Note photobomb rack in photo w Bill (former longtime Republican Party of Texas NCM “Yoda of Texas politics”, also knew I could skip part of the RNC GOP Summer meeting for some gun fun. He allowed me to serve as his Assistant General Council for the 2012 Republican National Convention). Visit, or www.mcbridesguns.com. #firearms #guns #gunporn#2A @WillesLee #gunowners #gunstore #lovevets #merica 

Austin. There’s this piece of (tragic) history. Remember this? Tell us. #sad #lessonslearned #repeatinghistory #secureourschools#protectourchildren #NRASchoolShield #selfdefense #reciprocity #reciprocitynow #freedom 

Superstar BFF Rachel Malone doing #2A work in Austin for Texas. Congratulations, Gun Owners of America fortunate & good move to bring her in. Happy for her, happy for all us. In town for RNC GOP meeting, we’ll do our “gun stuff” where & whenever —Pleased she could eke some mins to meet (she left meeting w Gov’s team, & headed to prep for state senate testimony). Well, yeah, we’re in a bar, but it’s noon. You know Rachel, 100 mph is like half-speed. You too can speak w her if you join us at Second Amendment Foundation#GRPC Chicago in September.  #alwayscarrying #campuscarry www.WillesLee.com #SecondAmendment #legislation #2A #M2AGA #politics Polite Society Podcast

RNC GOP announces Charlotte NC for 2020 National Convention to reaffirm Donald J. Trump as nominee. #winning

When you’re coming off the road after three long weeks, headed out this week for four more: aerial sunset over the most beautiful Shenandoah Valley. #GodBlessAmerica

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