RNC Winter 2018 Meeting

Where in the world is …. few days w Republican leaders individually representing their respective states & collectively representing GOP. RNC Winter Meeting in DC, January 2018. There are 168 members of the RNC, three from each state and territory.  They meet as a whole four times a year.  NRA has a team at each meeting to facilitate communications, and to keep squishys on track. This meeting included several #2A meetings & one presentation to bolster #shallnotbeinfringed.

Also, initiated work with RNC Strategic Initiatives to assist with and speak at state rallies in advance of the 2018 mid-term elections.

Days are full.  Fast day at Republican National Committee meeting in DC w meeting, lunch to discuss a major project partnership, meeting folks & presenting #2A at AAPI Conservative Leadership Caucus, big dinner. Start was with two powerful women at Conservative Steering Cmte breakfast as BFFs Marjorie Dannenfelser of Susan B. Anthony List interviews Kellyanne Conway, Counselor To The President. Wow. #MAGA #USA #myflag

President’s State of the Union (SOTU) address was the night before the RNC meeting began.  Conservative Steering Cmte (& guests) rented a room and TVs for a watch event at Republican National Committee winter meeting, Washington DC. This particular cmte is a conservative & pro-Trump group (Hint: not all #RNC members are invited to CSC). #MAGA #conservativesolutions #conservative

I was recently brought on as a member of this leadership team. Asian-American Pacific Islander group. Getting ready to present #2A at AAPI Conservative Leadership CaucusAAPI Conservative Leadership Caucus during Republican National Committee Winter meeting in DC, next to conservative leader BFF Steve Scheffler Iowa National Committeeman. This week is suits & ties, not next week at Great American Outdoor Show. Full presentation is below. My task was to show this group that there is room to grow Asian American Pacific Islander voters. Helping to find & reach more & different #SecondAmendment supporters. #NRA #WillesLee #NRABoard#DefenderofFreedom #M2AGA www.WillesLee.com #freedom Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors


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