SAF GRPC & AMM-Con, Chicago

Doh. Told that “they” just closed ORD. More ugly wx. Ugh.

We’re AMM-Con Amm-Con 2018 today. This is Alternative Media, #2A voices across all platforms. Sharing, teaching. I’m honored to speak tomorrow at the beginning of Second Amendment Foundation #GRPC.

Pleased & honored to speak to Second Amendment Foundation #GRPC first thing this morning. 300 at that time, up to about 450 by midday from across the nation, many local Illinois (& Indiana). Great to pass on what I see at NRA – National Rifle Association of America, #2A movement, #myflag

Great job speaking today to big crowd at #GRPC. Now, back to home for SATs and college applications. Kyle Kashuv.

BFFs, yes, favs who come to Second Amendment Foundation #GRPC. Amanda Suffecool & Charlie Cook during AMM-Con, Sam Slom at opening reception, Cheryl Todd interview w Mark Walters. Plus random pic of left third of the ballroom.

Packed schedule at Second Amendment Foundation. This is yesterday. How many speakers do you know?

At the end of April, NRA Institute for Legislative Action sent me to speak at rally of 3000 like-minded on the steps of their state Capitol organized by Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus. This weekend they brought the leadership team to Second Amendment Foundation #GRPC. Wanna know how to make a caucus of 2A people effective?, study this gang.

From my remarks at Second Amendment Foundation #GRPC Chicago last week, “The obscene funding …. the obscene funding especially for the antigun effort, those gun control laws, is how Bloomberg is having an effect. And, it isn’t really about guns, it’s all about Bloomberg running for President in 2020.” Grrrrrrrr #getwoke #politics #nocompromise #SecondAmendment

Second Amendment Foundation stage time. Gotta have fun. Excerpt from my remarks: “If we want our Second Amendment rights in the future, regardless of litigation or legislation, we need to grow the base of folks who support the second Amendment. Invite someone “historically less involved”, not just in politics, to the range, to a competition, on a hunt, or to this conference next year. Get out of our comfortzone.” #freedom #OutreachCommittee #outreach#inclusion #racistguncontrol  #ShallNotBeInfringed #merica (disclaimer, I am Chairman NRA Outreach Committee seeking “historically less involved”)

Sunday gunday, from 30,000 feet.  “Get out of our comfort zone.”
My pleasure to again address remarks to Second Amendment Foundation #GRPC in Chicago. Covering a lot of ground, comments come as NRA Outreach Committee Chairman. Not an NRA Spokesman, you get my opinions. Includes shout out for friends & compatriots: Allen West Sheriff David Clarke Jr. The People’s Sheriff Ashlee Lundvall Antonia OkaforLucretia Hughes a Patriot’s Point of View Maj Toure Official Black Guns Matter Page_Maj Toure Chris Cheng Linda Walker Oliver North Joseph Tartaro Erich N Stacy Pratt Joe Waldron Alan M Gottlieb NRA Institute for Legislative Action NRA Public School NRA Annual Meeting #KavanaughDonald J. Trump. vid h/t BFF Eric Ryan. “Comfort Zone”, theme unanimously adopted as a resolution by the delegates. What did I hit, what did I miss?
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