“Shooting Whisperer”, North Carolina

Coming up. This is going to be fun. We’re doing some “interesting” stuff, they just don’t yet know it w Shooting Whisperer Dan Meadows at Ken DeytonTT&T.

Great time, great shooting w “Shooting Whisperer” Dan Meadows TAP3X Group of Companies, great Ken Deyton family-land facility incl shooters supported by The NRA Foundation grants. More to come on this growing experience.

“Where no man has gone……” Shooting Whisperer BFF Dan Meadows TAP3X Group of Companies & I had no comm coverage, at all, in this hilly far-western NC hollar www.triggers-traps-trout.com shooting range(s) owned by our friend Ken Deyton. Look forward to sharing shooting vid & pics. VERY grateful to Ken & especially Dan for training & incredible (southern) hospitality w wonderful @lyndameadows. Thank you.


What we got done, in not a lot of time. Dan Meadows TAP3X Group of Companies took me from 0 to 60. This is where you want to train. His collage is SOME of what we did. I’ll post some fun vid & photo when I finish this current conference. #repetition #alwayscarry

Ok, truth be told, Board members in politics, during the Kavanaugh confirmation & a month before the General, don’t get a lot of time to shoot. Used the Charlotte #CNP meeting as an excuse to get a couple days w BFF Dan Meadows TAP3X Group of Companies in Asheville w @kendeyton (& later into the Smokey Mountains). Why we train (& can use more), back to basics: Draw & fire (again & again). Multiple targets. Double tap. Borrowing Dan’s DPMS Panther Arms #AR15 w EOTech sight on metal. My Smith and Wesson Productions #AR multiple target, double tap, iron sights hitting metal on the hillside.
It was hot as heck for October, & the mountains are beautiful as ever. Then, had to shave & get into a suit for the weekend conference. #bangbang #firearmstraining 

Got ‘em, a coupla times. #pewpew #AR #AR15 #ironsights  #SecondAmendment#goodguywithagun #M2AGA #DefenderofFreedom
For snowflake antigun Dems (so redundant), please note the painted-white target.

Another day, another range w “Shooting Whisperer” Dan Meadows TAP3X Group of Companies at Mountain Range. We’re in Waynesville NC, like almost in TN. Drill w .45 is double tap center of mass, double to throat, double to head. Slight change of stance takes getting used to.
Thought (think again) I was a little proficient. Best is making a good, close friend from a guy who firmly, mostly gently, consistently corrects your head, arms, back, speed, draw, stance, attitude, feet, hands, accuracy, … you get the idea from your training. A day back in politics makes me wanting to be back shooting in the mountains w Dan.
Anyone else w good (or bad) training experiences?#NRA #NRABoard #WillesLee #pewpew #gunporn @WillesLee #firearms #guns #shooting #CCW #freedom www.WillesLee.com #2A #ICarryMySafePlace #merica Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors

A break in the shooting w Ken Deyton of Trigger, Trap, & Trout in the NC mountains. #keepshooting #molonlabe 

Already out of the mountains, headed to next event at NASCAR Hall of Fame.
#countrylife #mountainlife #Godsland #conservation #firearmssafety #noexcuse

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