SHOT, again. Jan 2019

Great time w all our friends. Can’t wait. Thank you AG & AG.

National Shooting Sports Foundation | NSSF SHOT Show (it’s bigger than a show) is great, but it is about the people. These are great people. 
Repost from @cheryltoddgfr @cheryl_todd @gunfreedomradio.

Cheryl Todd posts “A radio show host, a gun store owner and two NRA – National Rifle Association of America Board Members walk into a bar… Sounds like the lead up to a funny but it’s just what happens every day at @thenssf @shotshow !
Even if you can’t come join us at #SHOTShow2019 you can cast your vote for Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors later this month when the ballots hit your mailbox! #NRABoardElections The Well Armed Woman, LLC Gun Freedom Radio AZFirearms @gunrepairman Cheryl Todd @cheryltoddgfr #reelectWilles

BFF Raquel Christina writes:
If you are an eligible voting member of the NRA – National Rifle Association of America, please VOTE to RE-ELECT my friend Willes Lee NRA Board of Directors to the NRA Board of Directors!! I am proud to support him!! 👍

Finally was able to meet up with the retired LtCol at National Shooting Sports Foundation | NSSF SHOT Show!! Willes is literally one of the coolest people I know and a true DEFENDER of FREEDOM!!! So honored to know him!! Willes works non-stop to protect the freedoms so many people take for granted, including the Right to Self-Protection. 
As a woman and the best friend of a sexual assault victim, this Right is something very near and dear to my heart. ❤
The Right to Self-Protection should be of utmost importance to every person who values life and every freedom loving American!
Thank you Raquel. Great to meet you & fam. Humbling to have your support. 
Friends, please Share to Pages & Groups to inform voters.
#DefenderofFreedom #FreedomsSafestPlace

Doh. Lost my feed!!!????!!! SHOT Show! All the industry at National Shooting Sports Foundation | NSSF and I’m running for NRA Board are-election.
#NRA#NRABoard#WillesLeeWilles Lee NRA Board of Directors

Live radio w BFF Mark Walters in next segment from SHOT Show.

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